INTERVIEW: Colin and Caroline + Wish I Was Video Premiere

Hi folks, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

We’ve been great, thank you.  Getting excited for this upcoming release!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Wish I Was?” 

“Wish I Was” is a song we wrote together about wishing to always be with the one you love.  It could carry multiple meanings, but the main message is that push-pull of timing and situations in life that sometimes keep us away from being present with the ones we love.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

To be honest, the two of us get to spend a lot of quality and meaningful time together in our day-to-day lives.  We’re very lucky for that, both in working together with music and also maintaining our relationship with each other.  There are many people in relationships who feel like they are “two ships passing in the wind”, constantly having to be in different places from one another, and wishing things were different.  This song reflects that desire to be there, always, both physically and emotionally for that person. 

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

We had a blast filming this video!  Our videographer, Daniel Bagbey, is incredible behind the camera, and also helped produce the storyline of the video.  We’ve been lucky to have such an amazing and talented team, which also Joey Wharton, who was on site taking behind-the-scenes shots as well as promotional pictures for us.  The filming process itself started with a general idea and timeline, and then developed creatively over the course of the filming.  That is always the fun part… Having the story of the song come to life along the way. 

Why naming the album after this track in particular?

We decided to name the EP “Wish I Was” because overall, that title seems to describe the nostalgic and self-reflective feeling behind each of the five songs. 

How was the recording and writing process?

The writing process is different every time we sit down to write.  Honestly, with some of these songs, we’d start by sitting down together in an organized way, and nothing would come of it.  Where other times, we would be making dinner, and unexpectedly the perfect melody and lyric would come to mind.  In those magic moments, we try to take advantage of the unexpected creative flow that is happening, and write (often times finish) the song completely.  But again, it’s different each time!  
The recording process for this EP was a lot of fun, and also an incredible learning experience.  We have a home studio in Richmond, so our typical recording process is usually us going in and recording there, and then Colin will mix and produce our songs himself.  For this EP, we went down to Nashville to record at Skinny Elephant Recording with Neilson Hubbard who mixed and produced the songs, with the help of Dylan Alldredge our sound engineer for the project.  Neilson and Dylan are both super talented, so it was a blessing to have Neilson’s production style with our past recording experience to truly bring this EP to life.  We also had some incredibly talented musicians playing on our songs, including Juan Solorzano, Chelsea McGough, Eamon McLoughlin, and Neilson himself!

With the success you have received – does that put any pressure on you while putting new material or rather the opposite?

It does put pressure on us, but in a motivational way.  When our music is well-received, it serves as a positive reinforcement to keep putting out material we are proud of, and to continue sharing our story 🙂

What aspect of your lives did you get to explore on this record?

We got to tap into our songwriting abilities as co-writers.  We both love writing our own music, and it’s an amazing thing to be able to do it together, and approach it from two different angles.  It can be challenging sometimes, but it is the reason our songs become what they are, and it also brings us closer.  The other unique thing about this release, is that in the past we have always released our original music as singles.  They have never been part of a bigger entity.  This EP is our first collection of original songs that come together in a sequence that tells a story.  

Any plans to hit the road?

Hopefully later this year, or early next Spring!  Stay tuned.

Where can we continue to follow along with what you all are up to?

Our website is, or you can check us out on Facebook and follow us on Instagram: @colinandcaroline.  We love some Instagram.

Wish I Was (original)- Colin & Caroline

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