CD REVIEW: There Is Something About You by Silvia Olari

Silvia Olari? Angelic. There Is Something About You, her album? Love. That’s it, that’s all…at least, that’s what I wish I could say because her voice + her album = perfection. But, then, this wouldn’t be a review, but an opinion. So, I’ll just start here: everything about Olari and her album are musical perfection. Actually, it’s MUSICAL HEAVEN. Every song is a different, meaningful ballad, in reference to love. The wonderful thing about this observation is that the “love message” isn’t always based on intimacy. As a matter of fact, the basis ranges from reliability to genuinity to self-love to love being a gift to humanity. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been on the search for an adult-contemporary album that isn’t just about intimacy. Luckily (and beyond), Olari was just what I needed.

In regards to hope, Olari has the power to reach people who don’t believe in love…or, perhaps, have ice cold hearts. I should know, as I once didn’t believe in love…the romantic kind, anyway. With her lyrics, she can lead others to believe in love once again…perhaps permanently this time. Take Let Love Take Over, for example. On this track, she mentions a personal experience, in which she was once afraid of commitment. This issue is not foreign to many people for appointed reasons, including experiencing toxic relationships. Take it from me: a toxic relationship is NEVER one you want to be in, especially because it can be very hard to depart from it. But, with a song like Let Love Take Over, it’s a given that love skeptics will regain at least an inch, if not all, of hope that love is real…and for everyone, no matter what the form.

One thing I admired about Olari was her ability to manipulate a potentially sad song into a thought-worthy song…about past love. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Wait, how can a potentially sad song be about love?” Well, consider the song, Where Are You Now? Of course, it’s set apart from the other songs because it’s referring to the lost of a loved one. How the loved one is lost is the question…a tricky question, at that.  Repeatedly (at different times), she sings, “Where did the angels lay you down to rest?” The next thing you know, you’re thinking, “Wait, did someone die?” But, then, you hear, “Where is your soul?” Then, you’re like, “Wait, so this is a divorce?” But, then, if it were a divorce, the message would have a bitter vibe behind it. But, then, you consider, “Remember your face, I remember your love, remember when we were happy.” So, it becomes a matter of “what happened?”, while leaving an undertone of love evident. If you ask me, that’s pretty clever.

Believe me, once you treat yourself to There Is Something About You, you’ll be listening to it over and over again. After all, they’ll be “something about it” you can’t ignore.

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