Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Sejo: Thanks for having us, we’re doing super great!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “One Man Town”?

Sejo: “One Man Town” is basically a song about someone who is extremely stubborn and set in their ways. They therefore think they don’t need anyone and end up alone in the world.

Daniel: I think this MO of “my-way-or-the-high-way” is a bit too prevalent these days. I think it’s dividing us…..

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Sejo: Daniel showed me some lyrics that he had written on a plane flight, and I just said that’s an epic opening line so it just naturally evolved from there.

Daniel: I don’t remember writing these lyrics on a plane, but Sejo has better memory. I did think about people in my life who’s stubbornness has separated them from me. I think sometimes I am the very thing I’m criticizing here…

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Sejo: Yes, we are talking to some friends who know what they’re doing in that department and figuring out a concept and a DIY way to pull it off.

The single comes off your new EP Set It Off – what’s the story behind the title?

Sejo: The EP is called “Set it On Fire” which is the title of one of our songs. The song talks about how it’s easier to look away from the problems that surround you and just burn it all down, as far as the EP goes, we chose the title because the artwork pretty much depicts that in a very fun, tongue and cheek, super over the top (Manowar-like) way.

Daniel: Setting yourself on fire is a way of protest. Maybe that’s why some people voted for the orange president.

How was the recording and writing process?

Sejo: The writing process varies from song to song, sometimes we’ll start from scratch in a rehearsal room, with “One Man Town,” Daniel and I had chords, lyrics, and a basic structure, then we always work the proper arrangement and parts as a band. We like to have everyone involved in the creation process.

As far as recording goes, we are all studio guys, I run a studio with a lot of history in Santa Monica, (4th Street Recording), where I produce and engineer bands, Andreas works out of there as well, and Chris has been our go to session drummer for years. Daniel has an amazing studio with killer gear at his home so we’ve kept everything, except for the mastering, in house.

Daniel: We recorded the song in block (everyone playing at the same time in the same room) at 4th Street Recording. We felt like that would better to capture the sound of the band. Then, we recorded overdubs at my place to sweeten it. I mixed this one at my studio and Sejo mixed the rest of the EP. Dale Becker mastered it. We’re all studio geeks, like Sejo said, love being involved with every aspect of the process.

How does all your cultural background influence your music?

Sejo: So far, I think they’ve mostly impacted the lyrics, where you will hear some criticism on social, racial, and political issues, mostly we want to bring a message of love, unity, and make it a party.

As far as how they’ve impacted us musically, we are yet to write a Colombian cumbia bridge on a Norwegian black metal chorus with punk rock verses, all of it with super delicious Swedish pop melodies, but I’m totally down to do that!!

Daniel: I think there are subtilties to our sound that reveal our migratory status without singing in Norwegian or Spanish. It’s that immigrant thing. Do you hear them?

What things will you be setting off with this record?

Sejo: First thing, I think is to create a presence. We are a new band so we have to get the name out there, this will (hopefully) lead to people digging our music, and hopefully it will help us getting on some great shows.

Any plans to hit the road?

Sejo: Yes, we don’t have anything outside LA in the immediate future, but planning has started, I’ve been talking to friends in bands all over, and we’re looking into making it happen. A beautiful thing about having an international band, is that we know a lot of people outside the US. For example, many of Daniel’s and my childhood Colombian friends who made music, have spread themselves out all over the globe, and we have remained good friends with them, therefore, we have a really nice network. Andreas has something similar with friends from Scandinavia, and since the EU allows them to travel all over the continent, he has made many friends and contacts there too. Chris has been touring North America since his teens, also has a few European runs under his belt, so he also knows many people all over.

What else is happening next in VIKINGO!’s world?

Sejo: Action figures, coffins, NASCAR sponsorships, you know, just gonna go all Gene Simmons up in this MF!

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