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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Site Needs an Effective Outbound Link Strategy

Outbound links, or external links, as known to some, have long been a subject of debate, especially as regards SEO practices. No-follow and do-follow are the two types of outbound links, and each has its benefits for your site.

Using forced, non-organic links, overdoing the linking, and linking to spammy and suspicious sites are among some of the common mistakes that some sites make in their outbound linkages. It’s crucial to remember that the how is just as important as the way as you carry on with your linkage campaign. Linking out to other sites has its benefits, but if done wrong, it can affect your ranking power and hurt your credibility.

There’s definitely a lot more reasons to use outbound links on your site, but here’s a brief look at the top five of these reasons recommended by the best digital marketing agencies.

  1. Positively Impact Your Rankings

Who you link out to is definitely a factor in the ranking algorithms used in a search engine. Outgoing links to spammy sites will hurt your rankings while linking to relevant and authoritative sites will earn you a boost in your search engine rankings.

It’s understood as a fair enough generalization that low quality and junky sites link to sites of even lower quality. On the other hand, great sites tend to link to each other. This is exactly what goes into search engine algorithms and why it’s an excellent idea to be particular about your choice of outbound links.

  1. Add Value

Content is and will remain king. The quality of your content dictates how much a valuable resource you are to those who visit your site. The reality of it all, however, is that more likely than not, you will find that you do not have all the relevant information that users may be looking for on a particular subject.

Linking out to authoritative sites is a great way to bridge this information gap and instantly add value to your readers. Giving your web visitors fast access to quality and relevant content through these outbound links will pay for itself in increased traffic.

  1. Fortify your reputation as an authoritative resource

Consistently including links out to relevant and authoritative sources will help you boost your own reputation as an authority in your niche. Web users do attach importance to associations. Simply put, associating with the greats in your industry will earn you a mention among the greats and build up the perception of authority on a particular topic or field.

From yet another perspective, users will appreciate being able to find fast and instant access to high-value content. If you can take out the hassle of having to visit a couple of high authority sites before they find relevant information, rest assured that you will rightly earn the right to be considered an expert and lend credibility to your site.

  1. Build Relationships and Boost Backlinks

One great way to earn links to your site is to use outbound links. Linking out to other sites helps

in establishing a network in your specific niche and related niches. These other sites will be more open to engaging with you and even linking back to your content. Give-and-take is fair play in the online sphere and it’s not uncommon to directly ask for a link exchange. The rewards of this linking network will become evident in improved rankings on search engine results and increased targeted traffic.

  1. Encourage Participation

Linking to other sites in your niche not only attracts targeted traffic but also opens up your site to active participation and contribution by players in your industry. You will be able to create a community of participants who can boost your efforts by providing helpful insights. By using outbound links, you will be tapping into a large community composed of the owners of these other websites and their reader who can build up your site with active discussions and forum participation.

With an effective and well-managed outbound linking strategy in place, you can build your authority and increase your rankings. Ensuring that these links are relevant, add value and are easy to navigate will no doubt transform your site. It’s a vital part of the SEO and marketing strategy of any website, regardless of your niche or industry.

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