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Unlikely Alternatives to Spotify: Playing Music From Your Mobile in Unique Ways

When you want to float away with sound of AY&O and the group’s melodic hit Shades of You, what do you do? Well, if you’re one of 70 million subscribers, you’ll tap the Spotify app and stream the song through you mobile. With more music than we can handle now available online, listening to your favourite tracks has never been easier. However, did you know that apps such as Spotify aren’t the only way to enjoy some tunes? That’s right, thanks to technology’s ability to take industry’s in weird and wonderful directions, there are some interesting alternatives to the top streaming sites. Now, we’re not saying you can delete Spotify from your phone and experience the latest music in a totally new way. What we are saying though is that you may just find an alternative way to listen if you think outside the box.

Thousands of Sounds in a Tiny Card

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The first way you can go offline and listen to music without Spotify is to use a memory card. Unfortunately, this will only work if you have an Android or Windows Phone device as iPhones won’t accept external memory cards. If, however, you fall into the non-iPhone category, you can create a portable playlist by downloading your favourite songs onto a SanDisk microSDXC card. Depending on the card you choose, it’s possible to get up to 400GB of storage space. Even for the most ardent of music fans, that’s more memory than you’ll ever need. In fact, it’s more than you’ll be able to save to your device via Spotify. What’s more, the card can be used on multiple devices, which is great if you can’t connect to Spotify.

Chart Hits that Put You in a Spin

If all that sounds a little bit too normal, casino apps might just have the answer. Thanks to gaming industry’s penchant for combing various forms of entertainment, you can now log in to a casino via your mobile and listen to some classic tunes. Take the Mr Green app as an example. In among its 500 slot games, you’ll find hits such as Sweet Child O’ Mine (Guns N’ Roses), Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix) and Dirty Diana (Michael Jackson). This is possible because developers such as NetEnt have reached licensing deals with major record labels. Through these deals, slots such as Michael Jackson King of Pop are allowed to play chart hits while players spin.

The Tin of Soup that’s Filled with Music

Cream of Chicken Soup” (CC BY 2.0) by hannibal1107

Finally, for something that’s even more out of the norm, how about using a soup tin as a conduit for great music. OK, so the reality is that you can’t actually listen through the tin itself, but Max Tundra did print one of his tunes on a specially made container. Working with Domino, Tundra wanted to embrace a “kosher” music format which not only gave fans a hearty meal but a chance to hear the album Parallax Error Beheads You. By paying £19 for a special tin of chicken soup, Tundra followers would get both a meal and a special download symbol. Using the symbol, listeners could download the album to their mobile device and enjoy 320kpbs tracks courtesy of a soup tin.

Although it’s hard to knock the convenience of Spotify, it’s interesting to see how technology has created musical experiences in places you wouldn’t normally see them. Even though you probably won’t want to stop streaming just because there are soup tins out there with music on them, the options are there for anyone that wants to embrace the alternative.

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