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Skaa Releases Music Video for Inspirational New Track “Kilimanjaro”

Skaa is back with his latest release entitled “Kilimanjaro”. The video, which dropped earlier this month, depicts the rapper in an affluent neighbourhood, surrounded by beautiful houses, cars and lush landscapes. The track details the ups and downs of the journey that one must go through to achieve their dreams. The video adds beautiful, simplistic visuals to the track’s incredibly personal, yet relatable lyrics.

Skaa is no stranger to chasing his dreams, as he relocated to the US from the Philippines in order to do so. Since then, he’s been releasing one inspirational track after another. His unique rhyme and flow, in addition to his introspective lyrics, make him stand out against his contemporaries. This video demonstrates what can be achieved if you persevere — no mountain top is out of reach, you just have to keep climbing. Keep up with Skaa’s ascent in the hip-hop world by following him on Instagram.


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