Vaping Versus Smoking: Differences That Go Beyond Health

Millions of Americans have smoked cigarettes at some point in life. At one time only tobacco-based products like cigarettes, pipes, and cigars were available, but today things have changed. Now smokers are asking themselves whether vaping is better than smoking.

It’s a question we’ve explored before, however, given that there’s still debate over which one is best, we thought we’d take a look at the issue from a few different angles beyond health.

Complete Control Over the Process

The best e juice doesn’t just give you control over the flavor of vaping, it also gives you control over the nicotine level. It’s one of the health benefits that gives vaping an edge over smoking, but that’s just the start of the customization.

The mechanics of vaping gives you the opportunity to completely customize the experience. You can choose from a number of vaporizer styles based on where you’ll be vaping and your personal preference. The options range from standard e-cigarettes to vape pens to mods that can be connected to a number of tanks.

The battery power and atomizer can also be adjusted to enhance the vaping experience and tweak the hit. Customization goes right down to the mouthpiece, which can be switched out in seconds.

None of the factors above are possible with cigarettes or cigars. You’re limited to simply selecting the tobacco and papers – if you roll your own. For those that like to have complete control and customization, vaping is clearly superior to smoking cigarettes.

More Acceptable in More Places

The places where smoking cigarettes is acceptable is getting smaller by the day. Starting in 1975 with Minnesota’s Clean Indoor Air Act, states and cities have continuously passed new smoke-free laws limiting where people can smoke in public places.

New York City made headlines in the 1990s when it banned smoking in most bars and restaurants. For a city largely fueled by coffee and cigarettes, this was a huge move. The city made the decision based on research regarding the dangers of secondhand smoke. It was a decision that created a snowball effect and encouraged other municipalities to follow suit.

Smoke-free laws prohibit smoking in indoors/enclosed areas. This includes all private-sector worksites, bars and restaurants. The Centers for Disease Control notes that in 2000 no state had smoke-free laws covering all three. By 2010, 26 states had adopted similar laws.

But the smoke-free areas are expanding to the outdoors. A few years ago, the City of Austin created a smoking ban in all public parks. The decision was made because of extreme drought risk and concern over fires. And Austin wasn’t alone in their decision. Between 2008 and 2013 outdoor smoking bans doubled. If you’re going to light up a cigarette on a college campus, public bench, beach or park you better check the laws first.

Smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products may not even be allowed in your own home if you rent. Today many landlords add clauses to the lease banning smoking indoors. They don’t want to have to deal with trying to get rid of the smell or the fire risks of smoking cigarettes.

Less Expense Over Time

A vaping kit may cost more than a pack of cigarettes, but it will last you much longer. Smoking cigarettes is a habit that hurts your wallet almost as much as your health.

The cost of smoking tobacco products is getting more expensive by the day. In addition to smoke-free bans, cities and states also use taxes to dissuade people from lighting up. That’s why the price of a pack of cigarettes varies dramatically from one city to the next.

When you take all the costs into consideration vaping ends up being about 40% cheaper than smoking cigarettes. That’s what NerdWallet found a few years ago after analyzing the annual cost of disposable e-cigarettes ($1,387) compared to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day ($2,569). Smokers-turned-vapers can cut the annual cost down to just $600 or so by using a reusable vape device.

If you’re still on the fence, consider this – cigarettes aren’t going to get more customizable, new smoking bans are being implemented every year and the cost of cigarettes is continuously rising. When you take it all into consideration it becomes clear why more smokers are making the switch to vaping.

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  1. Of course, Vaping is far better than smoking since smoking is more harmful than vaping and i also agree with the information of this article about the comparison of vaping vs smoking expenditures.

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