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Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Thank you for having us! We’re very proud and happy about the release and we can’t wait for the Album to be released as well the 17/8 this summer.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Cardboard Palace”?

The song is the first of many of its kind from Desmond. It’s a song about getting too close to the sun and then losing everything important to you. Hitting rock bottom. The four of us have all separately dealt with an experience where we have lost something important in life on our own accord. The song is about how you deal with that kind of problem. Do you run away and hide, pretend that it didn’t happen, or do you suck it up and start over? Now, the fun part is that we’ve chosen to share this feeling though a story about a screwed up, rich, wall street character who totally denies his complete loss of livelihood. He won’t take his suit off and ends up calling his cardboard box of a house a palace. We like to picture him as a funny cartoon character running around in circles, while imagining that he is sitting in his office buried in dollar bills. The track also adds to this childish behaviour with its bouncy rhythm and playful synths. We like to work with contrasts in our music, and we liked the idea of telling a truly sad and miserable story with a happy go lucky sound.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?
Alexander (drums) actually came up with the idea about this rich guy who goes totally bust and won’t face the truth and ends up humiliating himself. You could say that we’re mocking a wolf from wall street. Will he ever rise again? It could be a perfect script for a movie, Haha.

But if you think about it, one might say that the song is also a response to this massive economic consumption in western society. The stock market and the banking industry has gone wild and the moneymen controls the world. But one doesn’t.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

In the perfect Desmond world, we would have videos for all of our songs, but attractive videos can be complicated to produce. And we want to make something really special for a video. On this area we’re a bit cocky as we would rather make one spectacular video for one song than ten videos with a smartphone. So, no, not for this specific track. But there is no doubt that you will see videos fall from our hands in the nearest future, as we are very ambitious.

Why naming the album after this track in particular?

The concept Cardboard Palace is a contradiction. It’s simply not possible to build a palace made out of cardboard boxes. It’s fascinating working with contradictions as it forces you to stop and think it over. There are many contrasts in the Desmond universe as we have found, for us, a suitable way of creating our music through these contrasts. A way that is different from earlier projects we individually have been a part of. Its captivating when you discover a new working process that accumulates a diverse amount of ideas that really suits your creative project. Cardboard Palace as a contradiction encapsulates the way we create as a band.

How was the recording and writing process?

As many of our songs, this single has gone through many different versions before settling to what it became. This time the track was already written before the melody and the lyrics, which made the writing process quite peculiar, but really amusing and interesting. This forces you to create under a dogma instead of writing from scratch. The recording was actually quite painless as we have a fantastic recording engineer in Frederik Wessberg to assist us. We owe him so much.

What role does Denmark play in your writing?

It’s hard to say. As a starting point, no role at all. Most of the music we get inspired by aren’t Danish. But lyrically Denmark has a lot of talent, and we do have a lot of great artists, writers and poets that we can’t say that we’re not affected by in some way. That said, our producer Carsten Heller is Danish and lives in Denmark, and he have had an immense impact on the Danish music scene and therefore also on our music. But generally, Denmark plays no role for us when we are writing.

What is it about the 80s that you find so fascinating?

Why create 80s music in 2018? As we said we like contrasts, haha.

No, but really, all four of us have a common passion for the genre experimental approaches from the late 70s/start 80s new wave-bands like The Police, Duran Duran and The Cure who all inspired us to write and play music that doesn’t rely on a specific genre. To us, the 80s was a time where artist had the courage and the success fusing elements from very different genres.

How Foals and The Killers has influence your music?

Three of us; Christian Snorgaard (guitar), Andreas Snorgaard (bass/synth) and Alexander Topsøe (drums) are childhood friends and we grew up very close to each other. We listened to groups like The Cure and The Police and used to jamm their songs. As we grew older we turned the tempo up a nudge and devoted ourselves to music like The Killers, Bloc Party, Foals and Phoenix. The musical diversity that shines from these bands are really inspiring to us, especially Phoenix as they have managed to develop themselves album after album which is really inspiring and encouraging as they started just like us. In a garage.

Any plans to hit the road?

We really want to go abroad and are therefore planning and raising the money we need to get going. Of course U.K. is a top priority for us. A lot of our musical inspirations comes from the U.K. and we would love to perform our show there. Hopefully this interview, can contribute to that. Until then we are focused on the shows we have here in Denmark and we’re planning our first tour here as well. Next gig so far will be the 17. August together with the album release.

What else is happening next in Desmond’s world?

It’s funny, just like everyone else, we spent a lot of our time on our jobs, educations, family etc. but we still manage to write new music all the time. We can’t really help it. We haven’t released the first album yet, but we’ve already begun writing the next one.




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