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This is Fiona Joy answering on behalf of FLOW. Thanks for the interview. We are all in pretty good spirits given the overwhelming success of something that eventuated from putting our collective big toes in the water.  The reviews and audience reaction has been encouraging to us. In a world of fragmented people, diluted music and traffic jams, we are getting to make a difference.  Music is a powerful thing and it’s our pleasure to be making some small contribution.

Can you talk to us more about your song “Flow”?

FLOW”  is one of our focus tracks – its the track we feel represents the ‘middle’ of the album because it covers all the elements, directions and flavors the group has to offer.  

Any plans to release a video for the track?

Coming soon…. We have some really great videos  so far and have concentrated on nature themes from the farthest reaches of Antarctica to Space (with real NASA footage), but we have a few surprises to come.

Why name the album after both the band and track?

I guess that comes back to Flow being FLOW’s focus track – it made sense to name it as the title track when it represents all aspects of our sound.

What made you want to do a concept album?

Mmm.  Not sure we had any intention to do much more than put together an album that came from a friendship, a shared history, and the constant threat to get together and record something.  We put if off for a long time and when it happened it was pretty natural and organic and became the pastoral, cohesive and very New Age album that it is with a lot less effort than any of us expected.

How was the recording and writing process?

It was wonderful.  Coming into the studio as four solo artists meant we were not sure what to expect, but the organic and natural way the songs progressed made the experience a joy.  We each bought 2 or 3 basics into the studio and the group added their part to it. For me the expectation of my song changed dramatically as I watched it become something that wasn’t a Fiona Joy, Lawrence Blatt, Jeff Oster or Will Ackerman song, but rather a totally unexpected thing happened as FLOW developed its own unique sound.  I think we were all surprised at this process.

What aspect of New Age did you get to explore on the record?

We took the genre to a few edges.  It crosses into a few styles with elements of classical, chill and jazz.  Individually we are all New Age artists with leanings towards our own persuasions, Jeff leans towards Jazz and chill, Lawrence is a little more rhythmic the elements of pop instrumental, my background is classical.  Will, as the Founder of Windham Hill Records didn’t ever need a genre label as WH was one of the biggest boutique labels of New Age music (historically still is) and record stores just filed his music as ‘Windham Hill’.  Actually, his style is straight down the line New Age and he has often been referred to as the Father of New Age.

The umbrella for the genre is wide and New Age can incorporate quite a few flavors and yet from all our reviews so far, it appears we have hit on a unique sound.  It’s exciting to find something totally new within a genre that has existed for so long.

Any plans to hit the road?

Absolutely!  The Arrival Tour starts in New Orleans at the Jazz Museum on the 10th of May and ventures down the West Coast from Seattle to LA’s Grammy Museum and then in September to Carnegie’s Weill Hall.  You can catch our tour dates at

What else is happening next in FLOW´s world?

We have a FLOW documentary coming out soon, more videos and new plans to record. We have had a surprising response to the music and due to requests for more, we are feeling the pressure to go back into the studio.  It’s been a wonderful reaction and who would have thought we keep getting the New Age Supergroup tag from both reviewers and audience?.

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