Are Women More into Gambling Than Men?

When looking at the gaming scene from the past, one thing was pretty obvious about the activity: it was dominantly male. Gambling, whether in casinos, the race track, or in sports arenas was known to be a men’s thing, and it was only on rare occasions that women were spotted. This is because the activity was associated with masculinity, which is an obvious lack in women. Additionally, most surveys from back in the day indicated that women were more likely to feel judged when placing wagers in a brick and mortar establishment than men; therefore, their lack in such destinations.

However, in recent times, a lot of technological advancements have been made that have allowed the provision of games and casinos like Pink Casino girl gaming destination on the wide web. The activity has been brought even closer by their availability on mobile devices, which most people carry with them wherever they go. Since gambling can now be conducted in the comfort of one’s location, more women have taken to the leisure activity. This shift has also seen the feminine gender come out in large numbers to location-based destinations that support these activities. According to research, women account for about forty-three percent of gamblers in both online and brick and mortar casinos.

When it comes to telling whether women love gambling more than men do, the task gets trickier; this is because the love of gambling is measured on a personal level rather than based on gender. Even so, there are some aspects of this leisure activity that can be used as a comparison between men and women. Some of these gambling factors include:

  • Popular games with each sex

The casino industry offers a wide variety of games to ensure that every gambler finds something that satisfies their needs. Some of the most popular categories of these games include slots, roulette, bingo, baccarat, blackjack, poker, and video poker. These games are provided in numerous variations that amount to hundreds of thousands. During a survey conducted by 888 Casino, one of the biggest gambling establishments online, there was a difference between the game’s most women and men tend to lean towards. According to the study, most women preferred games that do not demand the use of skill to play and is social. A large percentage leaned towards playing bingo, seeing that the game demands little skill and is a social game. Next up came slots, which stands as among the easiest and most highly demanded game on the internet. A decent percentage also chose sports.

When it comes to men, a staggering number of them chose sports betting as their most preferred mode of gaming; this includes betting on football, basketball, tennis, and other games. When it comes to casino gambling, the highest percentage went to games that require skill to play, the biggest number choosing poker. Slot machine games were also selected but at a lower percentage than betting on sports and skill-based games.

  • Big win reaction

When gambling, the player is assured of one of two outcomes: winning or losing. Even though the latter is the most common, the former occurs from time to time, and sometimes it is big. When a big win comes along, research indicates that most women tend to save it instead of putting it back into gambling; this is due to the high cautious instinct that exists in females, which makes them cash out as soon as the money comes in. Even though a high number of men would withdraw big winnings when they come by, the percentage that would do so does not come close to those that would put it back into the game for a chance to win an even larger amount.

  • Reasons for gambling

People have different reasons as to why they engage in the pastime of placing bets and engaging in gambling. This also serves as an aspect where women and men differ from each other in the field. In numerous researches conducted, most women answered to gambling for the money that comes with the wins when asked what drives them to engage in gambling activities. A decent number of them do so for the excitement and risk that comes with it, while a small percentage do so for the sale of it. However, these factors change according to the economic status of different regions. Where the economy is good, most women gamble for the money and the fun, while most do it for the monetary gain in poorer regions.

  • Gambling location

Previously, when someone wanted to gamble, they had to visit a brick and mortar establishment to do so. As mentioned above, this factor discouraged a lot of women from engaging in the activity. However, with the provision of the activity in the online realm, the games and gambling destinations are brought to the gamer on their personal computers and laptops. A large number of women prefer gaming on their devices rather than going to physical gaming locations. Additionally, most of them have specific places to indulge in this pastime such as when in the bathroom, in front of a television screen, and when with family. A very small number of them indicate that they would engage in gambling while gambling, which is highly dangerous, even so, it is less than that of men who would put themselves in the same risk.

When looking at how women and men gamble, it can be hard to tell whether the former is more into the activity than the latter. The same, however, can be stated when talking about specific indulgences such as bingo, where women appear to show far more interest than men.

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