4 principal facts you should know before filing for divorce

Divorce is never easy whether or not you asked for it. You have been living with this person for a while and have shared some intimate moments. If you are in a miserable marriage, you can be powered by the adrenaline in pushing for a divorce. Everybody processes information at different rates and that is why you need to carefully consider whether you really want a divorce before accepting it. Don’t assume that once you leave your marriage you will be suddenly happy. So before you visit vhdlaw.com to find yourself a divorce lawyer, here are some facts to consider.


It can be a hard and tedious process depending on your spousal relationship. If you are both willing to sit down with your lawyers and negotiate a good deal, then you should. However, if you are uncooperative or one spouse wants to hurt the other, the whole process could be derailed. This is very true especially if you decide to ask for a divorce but your partner doesn’t feel the same and still wants to work on your marriage. If you want to lighten the weight of the whole process, try to be on the same page. Discuss and evaluate your marriage together then call it quits.

Children will be affected.

Divorce is usually harder if there are children involved. If your spouse agrees to visitation rights but doesn’t petition for custody, well and good. The custody process can really harm the children mentally and emotionally making the change harder to go through. Your children are definitely going to be affected by your decision to part ways. They may not always be able to voice it, but you should try and remain there for them. Support them and love them through it all. Talk about it with them and ask if they have questions. Present a united front if possible.


You are mistaken if you think that everybody will be supportive of your decision to get a divorce. You may end up losing a lot of friends especially those who think you should have tried harder. If you had mutual friends, they may choose to side with your partner and desert you. Be prepared that some people may consider your advice on marriage irrelevant because yours didn’t work out. Some people may regard you as a failure because you are a divorcee. Stand your ground. In this time, you will also know your true friends.


Since you have been part of each other’s lives for quite a while as husband and wife, you may need time to adjust to being single again. An article by today.com states that once the papers are signed the real work of healing from emotional turmoil begins. You may find that once you are alone, the emotions hit you hard. It is okay to weep and mourn for your lost love. Allow yourself a grieving period before taking on heavy responsibilities.

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