Caring Tips for Your Bull Terrier

Although Bull Terriers have kind of a rounded body, they have an extremely strong back. Besides, they are a well-built dog that looks highly muscular. A Bull Terrier’s long neck and strong shoulders make it look even more appealing. The colour markings on its head set it apart from other dogs available out there. Although this dog was extremely fierce earlier, proper training has tamed it down. And today, Bullterrier is a gentle species of dogs.

The reason why people are head over heels in love with Bull Terriers is that they are extremely fun loving and active, besides being courageous. Another reason why these dogs are a favourite is that they form bonds pretty fast; they get attached to their masters pretty easily and prefer to remain loyal to them no matter what. Their obedient character just makes people fall for them. These are the reasons why Bull Terriers are considered an extremely suitable family pet. All they need is a little supervision and they can be as well-mannered as you would want them to be. But your Bull Terrier can become extremely misbehaving if you don’t take proper care of it. If you don’t know how to take care of your dog, then here are some tips that you can totally follow. Check out-

  • Bull Terriers are full of energy. And that is why they need to be made to exercise on a regular basis. They need a high level of fitness an activity to stay healthy. One thing that you will have to remember is that they don’t like to be inside confined spaces that are generally small; they like to move out. So, it would be ideal for you to take your Bull Terrier out for running and exercising, preferably on a daily basis. Only when you train your dog to follow instructions and be obedient, it will do as you say and won’t develop any behavioural issues, when they grow into adults. To train them in a perfect manner, you must love them. But don’t forget to be firm when needed.

  • The saddest thing about Bull Terriers is that they easily catch heart diseases and skin allergies. Kneecap dislocation is also common. So, it’s highly advisable that you take your Bull Terrier to the vet, every now and then to make sure their health is in a good shape. Bull Terriers are also prone to suffering from zinc deficiency. So, it’s important that the food you choose for it has zinc in it in proper amount.

Bear in mind that their nutritional requirements change as they grow up. So, keeping the vet in loop would be the best bet. For overall good health, you must let your dog exercise regularly. If not anything else, make it run. This will keep it in high spirits. Another benefit of keeping your dog on its toes is that it will keep its overflowing energy channelized.

  • A Bull Terrier’s coat is shiny, sturdy but short. And since they don’t have long hair, you won’t have to brush them regularly. Brushing their hair weekly with a curry brush would be more than sufficient to keep the strands from getting tangled. To control the problem of hair shedding during the shedding season, you might have to do the brushing regularly, so that this problem remains under control. You will also have to take care of your Bull Terrier’s teeth and nails. If you want, you can also opt for professional grooming services so that you don’t have to do everything on your own. If you want a healthy puppy, then it is important that you get it from a reliable breeder only.

  • Bull Terriers grow pretty fast. And that is why it’s important that you feed your dog only as much as it needs per day. You should only provide food that is good for its health. A Bull Terrier, that overeats and does not exercise, subjects itself to a lot of diseases. So, it’s your duty to see to it that your dog eats well and works out regularly. When it comes to food, make sure that it contains a lower amount of protein. Since these dogs are prone to allergies, they should not be given a diet high in protein.

  • Setting up an environment at the home that is conducive for your dog is highly important. Your dog will need its own blanket, bed and toys. Try to provide as many toys to your dog as possible. Try to give a combination of stuffed animals, rope toys, balls, food puzzles and chew toys. It’s important to have a permanent dwelling place for your dog. But if you allot different specific areas around the house for your dog to rest, it will probably not ruin your couch. If you are considering crate training your Bull Terrier, then it would be wise of you to invest on a crate that is neither too big nor too small for your dog. A crate will help your dog keep to itself when you are not around. Provide a separate water dish and food dish to your pet, so that it knows where to have its food from.

  • It’s always wise to help your dog socialize with people and other dogs. Yes, it’s not every Bull Terrier that is aggressive, but because of its inherently strong nature, It tends to develop an aggressive behaviour towards others- whether people or animals. Letting your dog interact with other people and animals from an early age will prevent it from becoming aggressive in behaviour. And it will be able to accept them as its fellow beings and not threats. This will enable you to take your dog to any social gathering without the fear of it getting mad at other animals and people.

So, now you know that training and taking care of a Bull Terrier is not as difficult as it might seem from a distance. So, if you thought handling a Bullterrier dogs would be a difficult job, then it’s time you discarded this thought. With proper care and training, a Bull Terrier can become your best friend and an extremely well-behaved companion.

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