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Hi Rachelle, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey! Thanks so much for having me 🙂 Yeah I’ve been good!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Running”?

Yeah of course. Well Running is quite a personal track to me. It essentially started out as just an experiment to learn my new music software better and just play around with a different style and I hadn’t originally planned for it to go much further than that or for it to even be heard really. But what started coming out through the lyrics and sounds was really quite deep and exactly how I was feeling at the time. So I ended up running with it (no pun intended) and created something quite different for me, but yet something I’m actually really proud of.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Not a particular event – no. However I was going through a lot when I began writing this song, plus missing home added to that. And something I’m really passionate about is fighting for what you love – especially when things get tough. So I was definitely inspired to write about how difficult it can be to push through struggle and exhaustion. Even society and the world tells us a lot these days that if you’re not happy, you should leave, but actually I don’t believe that’s always the answer and the line of the song ‘Yesterday’ will always catch up with you, I really do believe is true if you don’t face your struggle. Even if that’s in your emotions or in some other way. So I was inspired with the provoking thought of what would happen if we did fight our fears. How much more fulfilled and stronger could we be from the journey when it was tough. So that was more or less the inspiration behind the song.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

The Filming process was exhausting but so awesome. I actually work in film as well so it’s a very comfortable place for me and I was always looking forward to that part of the process. I worked with my husband Tom Ruddock who is an extremely talented Director https://www.tomruddockdirector.com/ & he came up with idea of just exploring, going on this incredible adventure, beautiful locations yet being exhausted the whole time and weighed down with no real direction. So we were like ‘Ok cool’ where should we film it? And my good friend and cinematography genius Yannick Hausler http://www.yannickhausler.co.uk/ threw in the crazy idea of filming it in Germany. So we were like, what the hec, let’s do it! We found £36 flights and went for 4 days! We ended up in the smallest German hire car in history where we were all jammed in like sardines with film equipment taking priority (obviously.) We started in the mountains of Bavaria and worked our way up to abandoned buildings in East German and ended up in our final destination of Berlin. I was so physically tired from running around Germany with a backpack for 4 days, so there really wasn’t all that much acting in this video with my tired motions. But Tom & Yannick captured some of the most breathtaking shots and views that have genuinely got me so excited about this video. I love this video. So I owe a huge thank you them for that.

How was the recording and writing process?

Well the writing process as I mentioned before was just me with no real boundaries to where I was going to take the song. I wrote the whole song in my living room with my ipad. I did a rough production on my own software which sounded quite different to how it does now. It originally had string sounds and quite an electronic drum to it before I decided to get it recorded at a studio.

When I started the recording process –  I worked with Pink Bird Recording Co https://www.pinkbirdrecordingco.com/ and colaborated with them on the production & it was such a fun experience. They are just incredible people and artists who really helped me bring this track to Life. Running was originally a track I took as a back-up if any of the others didn’t work out but it ended up being the favourite track that I was working on, and Pink Bird just believed in the song so much that it got me excited about it and we spent valuable time getting it right and just enjoying experimenting with all the different directions we could have taken it in.

What role does Australia play in your writing?

I think Australia plays quite a strong role yet maybe not in an obvious appearance. I love being Australian and am very patriotic. But I don’t sing about kangaroos and BBQS Haha I think it comes out more in my personality which was shaped alot by growing up in Australia. So my freedom to express emotions and my australian influence of being bold and open – fights for a voice in my writing I would say. But always from the perspective of the lessons im learning. Because London has played a huge part in my growth as a person too but yeah I’d say it always stems from the familiarity of where I grew up.

How your background as a dancer does influence your current career as a musician?

Oh massively. Dancing helped me a lot with musicality I would say, hitting the beats, the importance of timing, appreciation for all genres and also just the pure love of music, when a song comes on and not physically being able to sit still lol I adore dancing, always will and I’m sure it will come out more in one of my music videos in the future haha.

Do you tend to take a different approach when you are collaborating with someone else rather than in your own?

Well, I haven’t yet collaborated with anyone writing wise. Just production at this point. But it’s definitely something I want to explore more. I’ve chatted to a few musicians about it recently so I will let you know! 🙂 but production wise, I really enjoyed it. You have to come at it with an openness and a trust with the person you’re collaborating with otherwise you’ll head around in circles, but it gives you a whole new dimension of creative directions you can go, so yeah you have to approach it with a willingness to explore new and sometimes unfamiliar territory at times.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

It does indeed! I’ve been very busy writing lately and loving every moment. I’ve got some new stuff I’m currently really liking so making plans to getting that out there as soon as possible 🙂

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Yes well I have my next single Fisherman coming out in the next few weeks actually! So keep an eye out for that one. It’s a bit more upbeat than ‘Running’  and I’m working on an EP now that I plan to release towards the end of this year.

Any plans to hit the road?

No set dates as such. However when I get the EP out my next focus will be to just play live as much as I can in as many places possible.

What else is happening next in Rachelle’s world? 

Just writing as much as I can. Working on the Ep as I mentioned and seeing where the next step will take me! One untouched day at time 🙂

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