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Understanding Different Fabrics To Help You Choose The Best Bridesmaids Robes

There are many brands today offering robes that come in different colors, shapes, sizes and most importantly fabrics. If you are looking for your bridesmaids’ robes, it is vital that you take a keen look at every deal and what fabric they are made of.

Comfort and wear-ability are the very important details that you need to  consider first. If the robe is too big and too loose, then it will not be comfortable or give you a good shape. The ties and closures should be a vital detail to check too as some robes can be too slippery to be held in place.

The fabric is also of great importance when shopping for your bridesmaid’s robes because it must fit the occasion, be comfortable and offer a trendy taste to each one of the different personalities that you have in your group. How do you do that?

Understanding the fabrics that make the robes

  • Silk robes – Silk is a natural fiber and the best that nature has offered. It has good insulation; meaning it provides warmth even in winter as well as keep you cool in summer. It comes in varying weights and may range from transparent to opaque. It has a wonderful feel to the wearer and drapes in a lovely manner as well as reflects light. It’s among the best fabric for robes and lingerie.

  • Satin robes – The sound of satin brings to mind a glossiness, luxury and soft feeling to the wearer. Most people confuse satin with silk! Satin is not a natural fabric; rather it’s a blend of many fabrics that make this soft cloth. A satin robe is among the most famous robes due to the soft feeling that the wearer experiences. It is also lightweight and easy to clean out stains. It is the most common with bridesmaids’ robes because it fits any body size and shape snuggly.

  • Lace and sheer robes – Nothing screams hot like lace and sheer robes. Any woman who does not own this piece is simply missing out on life in general. This fabric is light and transparent and has its own specific use defined to the bedroom. However, layered with a chemise or pajamas, they could be a suitable summer robe for lazy mornings. Both lace and sheer can also be added to another fabric to complete the look on a bridesmaid’s robe to give it a lush feeling to the wearer.

How would you rock these fabrics?

  • Plain robes – Most people always go for solid colors or block robes. This means they are flowered or patterned, or simply colored with beautiful solid colors.

  • Printed, embroidered and textured robes – These are full of flowers, beautiful patterns or embroidered with a special custom writing chosen by the owner. In the recent past, these robes have become common with most people; breaking the norm of plain with their favorite flowers or custom embroidery.

Do you want them long or short?

The decision between long or short lies with the bride to be. Most go for short because they want the ladies to show off their beautiful legs as they enjoy their last moments together before the wedding. Long robes are also decent and great to rock if you don’t fancy the short ones. No offense with going for the long robes!

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