Fans all over the world are getting used to hearing a great song from Melbourne, Australia’s own, Collegians; and once again they have raised their own song-writing bar.

Enjoying some massive radio-play and a feverish online presence, Collegians new song “Killer” is everything you wanted and expected it to be; with some new twist added in for good measure.

Killer takes on a different approach than Collegians two previous singles (Vaccine and Black Mass), and yet still fits the bands unique blend of dark-synth pop. Travelling from a Depeche-mode style opening, the song finds itself in almost-Linkin park territory near the beautiful end of the song. Glenn Patrick just let’s off on his vocals this time around, and he shows us the impressive variances in his vocal range. One moment he is dark and brooding, while the next he is controlled and melodic, all the while there is a sense of deviousness woven in.

Of course, when you have great vocals like this, it is always made possible, and strengthened, by the accompanying musicians; so, hats off to the three brothers; Gerry Leigh on Guitar/Vocals, James Leigh on Keyboard/Bass, and Vince Leigh on Drums, because they just crush this track!

At this point, Collegians have more than proven their worth, and with three impressive singles to draw from, their inevitable album is going to be quite the masterwork.

If you are a fan of Depeche Mode, Imagine Dragons, Muse, Linkin park, or just great music in general, then make sure not to miss out on listening to Collegians stunning new single Killer.

Collegians can be found on Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube, and their official Website.

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