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Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey! We have been working hard and dealing with life but we are pushing through it! Thanks for the time!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Buzzard Bait”?

Of course! “Buzzard Bait” was one of the first songs we started demoing when we began writing this album. We didn’t think it would be the single until we had all the songs recorded but after hearing it we knew it was the one we needed to release. It has everything that our band has ever put out in one song, its heavy, catchy, a big chorus, the build up at the end of the song, just everything about it, then it just ends at like 3 minutes and you’re like “whoa, i need to hear that again”…am I close? Haha

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Not particularly. It was one of those songs that came out organically. But when I heard it for the first time, i looked up and some buzzards were circling overhead in the distance where i was driving so yeah, Buzzard Bait haha.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

it was great. We always worked with Justin Reich in the past, then I started producing/filming/editing with help from some other friends and it got to the point where i tinkered too much and we met Seiji and he has been an absolute blessing for this band. He came in and absolutely killed it on this shoot and got us motivated. He worked with me on my ideas, the shots I wanted, allowing my buddy Ian to come do the drone work, and some borderline illegal activity (building was closed to the public) but we got it done and without risk there is no reward!

The single comes off your new album The Wolf You Feed – why taking so long on releasing this material?

We put out an album in 2012 and 2013, both full lengths. Maybe enough time didn’t pass between the two for the material to be digested, maybe we should have broken them down into EPs, but in 2014 after the Norma Jean tour, we got caught up more with writing better songs that could resonate with the crowd more as opposed to just writing what we thought was good. The writing took longer than expected, we actually finished 2 songs and tracked the drums for the rest in 2016. We spent the rest of that time writing and recording guitar/bass and we just finished vocals in January of this year. We didn’t want to rush it and there are some awesome bands coming out so we didn’t want to try and steal anyone else’s thunder because we feel a lot of our peers lift us up and hold us to a higher standard and there are some bands coming out that are really good so we want them to shine before we come back in a blaze of glory hahaha we really aren’t that cocky.

What’s the story behind the title?

It is based on Cherokee folklore, which is pretty heavy in the area we live. Basically it is a Grandfather and his Grandson and the old man is explaining to the child that within all of us is a battle of two wolves, a good wolf or the light, and the bad wolf or darkness.

He goes on to explain the traits each wolf possesses but also states to the child how important the two wolves are to each other. Too much of one or the other and the struggle continues. He emphasizes the importance of finding balance, like the dark wolf is fearless in situations where the light wolf might be scared.

Essentially, everyone is going through a battle you know nothing about. Be kind to everyone, but always find the balance.

How was the recording and writing process?

It was great. Working with Jamie was amazing and definitely an experience I will never forget. Everything went so smooth. Couldn’t have asked for a better guy at the helm.

What was it like to work with Jamie King and how did that relationship develop?

So Jamie actually mixed and mastered our previous bands EP back in 2009. He then mixed and mastered our first demo back in 2010. He lives 2 hours away from us so it is actually really convenient that he is right in our backyard essentially haha He is such a nice guy and will make you feel comfortable and like you have known him your entire life. I literally cannot say enough good things about the guy.

How much did he get to influence the album?

A lot and a little haha He just let us go in and record our songs our way and added his notes and whatnot here and there. He didn’t want anything forced, it all needed to come out naturally and it did. So that made us step up and be more pro in our approach to things so yeah, he was extremely influential in the vibe and atmosphere and the sound. Any ideas we had he took and made come to life.

What role does Asheville play in your writing?

It plays every role. It is our home. The mountains are something else. They hold a lot of mystery and some would say magic. There is something about this place that is unlike anywhere else in the world. You have to visit it to understand. But once you do, you’ll understand. There is a uniqueness to the city that is prevalent in the music in all the artists the strive here.

What aspect of validation and other human struggles did you get to explore on this record?

That’s our whole writing concept. I was informed that I would lose my father before I went in to record my parts so that was pretty heavy. It made me really look at how I want to perform and how I want my parts to be heard, the words I say/scream, just everything seemed a lot more finite. So I really wanted to step it up and make this something that people could always gravitate to.

Any plans to hit the road?

Absolutely! We are touring in July west of the Mississippi so Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, California, New Mexico, Arizona, etc etc etc Anywhere we can get booked so if you live anywhere near there and want to book us, contact us and we will get a date locked in!

What else is happening next in LIFECURSE’s world?

We have the next single arriving very soon, it is called “Smoke & Mirrors” and features a guest vocal spot by JT Cavey of Erra. It is completely different than “Buzzard Bait” but is still just as good of a song. Other than that we are just waiting on the final edits of the album and hopefully a kick ass record.

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