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Making Transportation of Goods Easy Using Way Bill in GST

When you move goods with a value more than 50,000 INR, you need a document called the Way Bill. You generate the E-Way Bill electronically and it helps in the movement of goods across the country. The registered person who transfers the goods can generate the E-Way Bill (EWB).

What is the waybill?

The transporter uses the waybill to confirm the details of the goods he/she is moving. Ideally it is generated before the commencement of movement of goods above the value of INR 50,000. E-way bill consist of two parts i.e. Part A & Part B, Part A consist of stock details like details of consignor& consignee i.e. GSTIN, Place of Supply, Address. It also includes item details like Product name, description, HSN, quantity, unit, Taxable value, Tax rate, Tax amount, Total value. Apart from this it also includes Transportation details like transporter name, Transporter ID & Approximate distance.

Part B consist of type of mode, Vehicle type, vehicle number & Transportation doc & date.

The E-Way Bill system came into force from the 16th of January 2018. Earlier, 15 states had implemented intra-state e-way bill along with mandatory inter-state e-way bill that was brought in force from February 1, before the deadline was deferred. Technical glitches in the e-way bill portal developed and maintained by NIC was cited the reason for the deferment.Further it became compulsory for the interstate movement of goods from April 1, 2018. Although E-way bill for intra state was implemented on 15th April 2018 for Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and on 20th April for Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Bihar, Jharkhand, Tripura.

Get registered in the E-Way Bill system

The persons who have some stake in the movement of goods from one state to another must register themselves in the E-Way Bill system. The stakeholders come into three categories as:

  • Suppliers

  • Recipients

  • Transporters

All these people can keep a watch on the goods as it moves to its new destination.

The way to register and enrol in the E-Way Bill system one must be a registered taxpayer. When you register for E-Way Bill, you have to give GSTIN and then you have to verify OTP which will come to the registered number with GST Portal. In case of transporter some of them are not registered in GST portal, in that case they have to get them registered directly in E-way bill portal by giving specific details and a GSTIN or unique number will be generated by NIC portal for them. To register, choose a username that is between 8 and 15 characters in length. You can use alphabets, numerals, and special characters.

To know how to apply Way Bill in GST ,follow these steps. The registered taxpayer can do the registration online. Go to the ewaybill.nic.in website. Click on the E-way bill registration link. Now, you have to enter the GSTIN number. When you click Go, it will take you to the next page. Here you see your mobile number, Address, Trade Name, and Applicant Name already filled in. Click on the “Send OTP” link to get the OTP. Once you have entered the OTP, click on “Verify OTP” and then enter your username. Enter the password of your choice and be careful when you enter it because it is case sensitive. Once you have done this, you can use the username and id to generate E-Way Bills for your goods.

Other options you can use

You can use the “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” options of the login screen at the website. Once you click on the Forgot Username link, it will take you to the next screen.

  • Here you have to enter the Username,GSTIN NoStatePin code of principal place of business, andRegistered Mobile NumberEmail Address.

  • Enter theCode (Captcha) Then click on the “GO Button”.

  • After clicking on GO Button user will get one-time password viaSMS to his mobile. Using this password user name can Login and create his New password.

In the same way, you can use the Forgot Password link to generate a new password. Again, you have to enter the same details as before. When you click GO, it will send you a one-time password, Using this, you can generate your new password.

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