How to track someone’s phone by their number?

There are a number of occasions when you need to find someone. But the sad part is the majority of time comes at the emergency. If you are unable to find someone or if someone is unable to be located then in that case, you need to take some cautions and find it.

And in such cases, phone number works best. But before you can do that you need to learn how to track a phone number. There are many ways using which you can track someone using their phone number and we are going to discuss all those here.

First, you should know how a phone tracker work. Usually or you can say, in most of the cases, it works on the basis of GPS were using the GPS system, the signal is getting transmitted and you will be able to know from where it is coming.

For this, all the cell need to have is the GPS enabled. And then you need to have some phone tracking app like Hoverwatch to get this done.

In this post, we are going to share the simple and easiest three methods one needs to get this done.

Method #1 Use the mobile number to track the location

This is the easiest and simplest method you will encounter to track the phone with a phone number. The below process image explains the process very easy.

This method uses ss7 interconnect method to make the communication between the transistor and receiver device. But the issue with this method is a vulnerability. The security may be exposed to the third party.

#2 Using Social media or internet

This is another method to find someone’s number. All you have to do is, just paste the number you are following in the Facebook search bar or Google Search bar and if the phone number is associated with that account in any way, you will find that profile.

The only issue with this method is, if the mobile number is not associated with any social account, you are not likely to find one. Or with the recent privacy updates by the social media giants, the search is less likely to happen.

#3 Search with the help of Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a phone spy mobile app which is helping you to track someone’s phone location and various other stuff being remote. All you have to do is, just install the Hoverwatch app on the phone which you want to track, and you are done.

Now where ever he or she will visit, you will be getting the live tracking through your Hoverwatch dashboard. You will be getting the details like frequently visited places, live location notifications etc.

Not only you will be able to manage and track the location of someone with the help of mobile number but also various another spy stuff. For example, you can check and track their text messages, social media messages, contents, screen capture, task assignations and various other stuff one need to know about someone.

You may use these stuff to track the child or employee or someone you really care of. You can learn more about at the application website.

These were some of the easiest methods to track someone with the help of mobile number, when being done using the phone it uses the GPS tracking and you must have that enabled in order to work that properly. Else you are left with the social media and internet options. If you know any better ways of tracking, feel free to share with us. Also, be sure to not fall into these other scams warned by

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