The Easiest Way To Invest In Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain technology is all the rage these days and you want to jump on the bandwagon but have no clue where to invest, then you are not alone. Bitcoin is not the only investment option with blockchain. It was an amazing investment at one time provided you got in early and got out at the peak. A lot of people believe that blockchain, Bitcoin’s underlying technology, still holds that kind of promise. Investing in blockchain at the moment is like investing in the internet in the 1990s, mobile in the 2000s, and social in the 2010s. Get in the right time and you may end up creating an Apple, a Google or a Facebook and become millionaire or a billionaire in some years from today.

So how do you get into something that seems like a sure hit in the future? Well, firstly, blockchain is not a sure thing. It could just be an intermediary step to something better, a more robust and relatable technology that winds up being the moneymaker.

Although it is really early to be investing in blockchain and any related technology but that should not stop one from trying so here are four ways you can invest in blockchain technology and try your luck.

  1. Coins And Tokens

While cryptocurrency is not the only blockchain option to invest in, it is surely the most direct way and also the riskiest of all. You are not only putting money on the blockchain technology and the underlying cryptocurrency but also on the supposed fact that the people employing said technology are doing it correctly, that their vision is clear and this business model will work. It may and it may not.

  1. Startups Exploiting Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is not an application of technology but a technology on its own, a new, relatively unproven technology counting on a new, relatively unproven transaction paradigm that promises to solve a huge problem. This means investing in a blockchain startup that plans on working with blockchain technology and solve people’s problems in the digital world is another option and according to blockchain development company it is far less risky than investing in cryptocurrency.

  1. Publicly Traded Blockchain ETFs

One of the easiest options to invest in blockchain technology is through publicly traded blockchain ETFs that purport to track blockchain companies. This means they’re a basket of publicly traded stocks of companies that are using blockchain or are related to the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The only problem here is how ‘blockchain’ they are. Some examples of publicly traded blockchain ETFs are Taiwan Semiconductor, NVidia, and AMD on the hardware side.

  1. Learn Blockchain Development

This is probably your best bet. Learn what the technology is and create products around that which shape the market. Bitcoin was a technology gold rush and anyone who has been in the technology area for some time has seen some gold rushes and has learned to appreciate them for what they are, market directors. Just like we saw back in the day that apps were going to shape the future and with that so many start-ups sprang up. A lot of them are long gone now but we know apps are the present. Invest in blockchain technology learning and create products (does not have to be a coin or currency) that promise to shape the future.

Author Bio: Muhammad Farhan is a digital marketing manager with 5+ years of experience in integrated marketing programs, brand strategy development and search engine optimization.

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