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INTERVIEW: Century Thirteen

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Scott: Hi there VENTS! Great to talk to you! We’re doing really good thanks!

Kevin: We’re all pretty excited now that the album’s almost out.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Not My Place”?

Scott: I’ll let Kevin take this one as he wrote the lyrics.

Kevin: It’s a story about being in love a with a girl that doesn’t even know you exist, and you somehow end up becoming best friends, but it’s bittersweet because you wanted more than that.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Kevin: It’s inspired by a night out that I thought was a date, but I ended up meeting her new boyfriend. Not exactly what I had in mind! At least I got a song out of it!

The single comes off your new self-titled album – why naming the record after the band?

Lewis: We wanted to name our first album after our band name because it’s our stamp on the scene. Making our name heard to the public because we’re still an underground band.

Scott: We thought about a few different titles but none of them really felt right and in the end I think being self-titled just feels right for this album as it’s sort of a culmination of everything we’ve done as a band up to now.

How was the recording and writing process?

Scott: We wrote most of the songs in the studio, just jamming on different ideas, and everyone in the band contributes to the music side of things. Some of the songs have been getting played live for a while, and they’ve kind of evolved over time to get to the point they’re at now. For the recording we worked with Andy Malcolmson, who is a local producer and also part of the band Northern Nightlights, so he’s a pretty important part of the local scene in Glasgow! With Andy doing the recording and production we were able to really focus on getting our arrangements right and getting the best recordings possible.

What role does Scotland play in your music?

Scott: Well, we all live here…

Lewis: With our kilts and haggis suppers!

Kevin: Irn-Bru made me the man I am today.

Scott: Haha, seriously though it’s a great place for musicians, there’s so many people looking to collaborate especially around the cities.

Kevin: The Glasgow music scene is really exciting right now and it’s great to be a part of that.

Scott: I just love that you can go and see local bands play in this city pretty much any day of the week. There’s always a gig to go to.

How Blink 182 and Green Day has influence your writing?

Dale: blink-182 influenced me because I always feel their guitar parts stand out to me, and when it came to bass I loved how the much bass parts stand out as well. Mark Hoppus is one of my idols as well! I like the fact he doesn’t just stand there, he always uses what room he has on the stage, and he uses all of his strings as well! Blink-182 got me into the habit of using other notes in scales rather than just using root notes all the time to come up with fun bass lines to play.

Kevin: Green day are my main influnuce from the way they perform on stage to their fast upbeat catchy songs – so many songs to mention! Growing up I loved Dookie, Kerplunk, Insomniac, Warning… American Idiot was a masterpiece of hits, but my favorite Green Day album was Nimrod, I picked up the guitar because of Hitchin’ a Ride, Time of Your Life, The Grouch and Nice Guys Finish Last.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Kevin: The lyrics I write are usually influenced by real life situations and past experiences. Like past break-ups and relationships that didn’t work out, regrets, things like that.

Scott: I find inspiration from my own experiences as well, but often I’ll also be inspired by things like books I’ve read, horror movies, video games, just different ways of telling stories. Quite often my lyrics are written from the perspective of a character in a particular situation, even if they might really be about my own experiences.

Any plans to hit the road?

Kevin: Nothing set in stone yet but we will be at some point when the time is right. Possibly next year, but we’re still in the early planning stages at the moment.

What else is happening next in Century Thirteen’s world?

Kevin: Next thing for us is to write some new music, and keep trying to get some bigger shows set up and keep growing our fanbase in the UK.

Scott: We’ve been working on this album for quite a while now so it’s going to be great getting back in the studio and just working on some new jams. So we’re planning to get writing the next batch of songs pretty soon!

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