INTERVIEW: Happy Curmudgeons

1.  How have you been?   

Great!  Thanks for asking.   Amy, Dave, Jeff and Tumbleweed are working on new songs.  The band make the Top 10 nationally and globally on Reverb Nation the last week of April.   We hit over 90,000 streams and 6,400 followers on Spotify in April.   The ball is starting to roll a bit.

2. Can you tell us more about “Soulsville?”   

Well,  Soulsville was written by Dave Hamilton and Stu Cameron.   Soulsville was written after a trip to Chicago to see the Grateful Dead in 1989.   Dave when to Legends (Buddy Guy’s place) and started writing the lyrics shortly after that visit.  Stu helped with a verse and music.   Jeff Taboloff was brought into The Spot Pontiac for the studio recording sax solo.   Tumbleweed plays the solo live on his harmonica most nights.

3. What is the story behind the title?   

Chicago is a great midwest town that never sleeps.  Seeing great live music in a town that explodes with adventure can be very inspiring.

4. How was the recording and writing process?   

Soulsville was recorded in parts.   Nate Harasim did the main job of producing the song at The Spot Pontiac.   Dave recorded all the guitar parts first and then added vocals.   Takaski Iio did the bass line while Rick Beamon was on drums.   Jeff Taboloff did the sax last.   Mark Byerly also helped in production recording the drums tracks at Longview Studio.

5.  What role does Hamilton play in your music?   

Dave assembled the Happy Curmudgeons.  He wrote or co-wrote every song on Meant 2 Be.  He not only writes, but adds vocals and guitar for the band.

6. With a wide group of artists involved on this album – how did you get to balance all of your influences?   

The best part of the Happy Curmudgeons is what each musician brings to the table.  Everyone has their favorite genres with some crossover.   Each person brings their unique influence to each piece and it blends together nicely.   Being open-minded when someone brings a new piece to the group is our simple approach.

7.  Where did you find the inspiration for your songs and lyrics?

Hamilton wrote most of the lyrics for the album.   He actually dreams most of the lyrics.  He leaves a notebook by his nightstand and usually wakes with lyrics around 3:30 to 4 am.   If he does not write them down, they are lost.   He usually does not dream an entire song, but either the chorus or verses.   Idle Time was an exception.    Idle Time was completed after one dream.

8. Any plans to hit the road?   

Yes, we want to hit the midwest this summer.   We are looking into playing at Sweetwater in Ft. Wayne, In too.   We are planning on doing some shows with a band called The Outfit.   They are mainly bluegrass with a twist.   They work nicely on a twin bill.

9.  What else is happening in the Happy Curmudgeons’ world? 

 Amy Dixon- Lavery wrote her first song for the Happy Curmudgeons. 2nd Chances will be recorded soon and released as a single. Dave Hamilton completed a new song called Jack Russell. It is more contemporary folk that tells the story of a bounty hunter.  Jeff Warner also has a couple of songs that are ready for the studio. Tumbleweed is working on a blues number called 8 Ball. The Happy Curmudgeons are looking forward to performing live and getting the new songs recorded after working on them on the stage. Pauly M. Everett will be called upon to do the artwork again as well.

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