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Mountain Bird

“Cubism” Lands As The New Mountain Bird EP

Mountain Bird, who comes from Sweden, has just dropped his maiden release for Nettwerk Records. He settles right in with the “Cubism” EP, a four-track set that has been styled with his striking Scandinavian sound.

The first track to land is “Moment,” a powerfully immersive listen featuring vocalist Lara. His “most fun” to produce, other tunes include the brilliant “The Wolf,” which he describes: “I wrote the track when I was in this situation trying to take care of someone I really loved. But the only thing I could do is to watch her fall and I would keep falling down with her… It’s about realising that sometimes you can’t solve other people’s life problems no matter how much you try to take care of them and how much you try to put your own life on pause.” 

It’s a really special listen, and shows us exactly what Mountain Bird has to offer. Give it a play on the stream below.

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