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Live Streaming and the Changing Face of Entertainment

Visual entertainment back before the digital age was a cumbersome thing. We’d be tied to schedules, limited in access, and suffer from quality issues from old analogue anomalies. The advent and popularisation of the internet, combined with the general increase of computing power we’ve seen through all of our digital devices, have rocketed us out of this technological dark age in ways few of us some coming. In this article we’ll go over just a few of the ways these changes have affected the way we absorb visual entertainment, so we can all appreciate just how far we’ve come.

Events and Festivals at Home

While there are many ways to experience music, none of them offers the same feeling as being at a live concert. Being surrounded by fans, and hearing the unedited audio live from our favourite musicians is an experience all of us love. The big problem we have here is one of access and cost. Time was, when we wanted to experience the ones we didn’t visit personally we would have to rely on bootlegs, or the rare official recordings if we were lucky. Today, with the advance of equipment, the recording and broadcast of live concerts are more popular than ever before.

What really excites us here is the addition and advancement of VR technology when it comes to concerts and festivals. These headsets allow us to put ourselves directly in the middle of the action, experiencing in a far more personal way than ever before.

Gaming and Gambling

Those of us who are more digitally inclined have long found enjoyment in video games. While the way these games are played can be very different, they come from similar places. Simply put: we used to have to play with others in person, and now we don’t. Live streaming technology has allowed to not only watch our favourite stars putting on a show from the comfort of anywhere with an internet connection, it has allowed us to take part in these events like never before.

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Most people are familiar with online games, it’d be hard to miss a development like Halo or Call of Duty and the effect that these have on media and society, but not many of us are as aware of the developments in the online casino business. Far from simple online versions of games, many newer websites like the Jackpot 247 online casino have actual live dealers, where players have a livestreamed dealer to add authenticity to the game. In both cases of gambling and gaming, it has the added bonus of no longer requiring pants if you play from home.

Increasing Momentum

With better recording and displaying technology becoming available every day, and the demand for live media higher than ever before, we have to wonder exactly what the future of live-streamed entertainment will look like. Increased integration through demand seems obvious, but technological developments often aren’t. We have to wonder, will we eventually be able to be seated virtually at nearly every popular show, and how will this affect the greater appreciation of these events and the people who attend in person? Whatever the future may be, we can’t help but look forward to being part of our favourite events on a level we never could before, and no dress code certainly doesn’t hurt.

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