3 Foods Music Lovers Should Eat Before a Gig

According to a Nielsen Music report, approximately 32 million people visited music festivals in the United States. Going to watch our favorite musical acts in person is a hugely popular pastime, clearly, meaning that many of us will be familiar with the pre-gig checklist.

Before you head out to the gig you have to remember your ticket, your phone and your battery pack (in case your phone runs out of battery when you’re taking photos, naturally), and your wallet so that you can splash the cash on various bits of merch. But making sure that you eat a good meal before a gig is also incredibly important, so here are three foods that it’s wise to indulge in before the gig begins.

 Time to Carbo-Load

Gigs aren’t just exhausting when you’re bopping around in a mosh pit, don’t you know? In general, gigs can feel very draining on your energy. Although you may enjoy yourself when you’re jumping up and down or screaming your favorite artist’s name at the top of your lungs, you may quickly find yourself getting tired.

Offset that by eating something hearty before a gig. For example, you could visit a kebab house and tuck into a tantalizing combo of that warm bread and hummus as well as lemon juice, tahini and a succulent, seasoned meat in order to get a rich meal that will fill you up and taste delightful. You could also just carbo-load by making a lot of sandwiches (your filling is up to you), or by tucking into a gooey and cheesy pizza.

Remember to Hydrate!

A man drinks a bottle of water via Pexels

Gigs can also be incredibly sweaty as being in close quarters to thousands of jumping people can really get things warm. You don’t want to find yourself dehydrated, so it’s important to drink plenty of water beforehand and consider what foods you’re eating.

According to Saga magazine, some of the most hydrating foods include watermelons, cucumbers, bananas, strawberries and iceberg lettuce. Getting these foods into your pre-gig meal is relatively easy. For example, you could prepare a fruit salad or you could put some lettuce on your sandwich (per the carbo-load recommendation).

Rice and Beans

Other foods that are great for providing an energy boost ahead of an energetic concert are rice and beans. While these staples may seem incredibly boring on paper (or on screen), these foods can be absolutely delicious and, crucially, can help to keep you going even when you’re going to be doing a lot of rigorous, physical activity, such as jumping up and down at a gig.

Brown rice, in particular, contains manganese which helps to produce energy from protein and carbs and works well as a side dish or as a main meal depending on what you mix in with it. Beans such as red kidney beans and pinto beans are also tasty when mixed in with rice, making them fairly easy to incorporate into your diet.

Going to a gig is a big deal and you want to prepare in the right way, eating the best foods to have the best time. Thankfully, the foods listed above are all very, very tasty, so your tastebuds (as well as your ears) will be delighted on gig day.

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