What things students shouldn’t do during preparation for exams

It does not matter what kind of student you are, an excellent hard-worker who is diligently preparing for each exam to get the best grades, or a cheerful fellow who lives by the “whatever” principle and does not care much about their education. In any case, in this article, we would like to present to you some ideas of what you do not need to do when preparing for your exams.

Don’t learn the wrong way

We are all different, that is why our preparation strategies for university exams will differ. Start with your individual characteristics. If you are an auditory learner, read the textbooks and abstracts aloud, if you are a kinesthetic learner, you should write your cheat sheets on your notes and make a plan for answering.

What are the first exam questions to learn? If during the semester you have a good understanding of the subject, proceed to questions about which you have at least some idea.

Don’t go for drill but understanding

Look at an exam question and do not try to learn it parrot-fashion. Learning this way is a deliberately losing strategy, which also takes more time. Find logical connections in the questions and come up with associations.

Of course, in each subject, there is information that you need to know by heart: dates, formulas, definitions. However, even memorizing it is easier if you understand logic. In the exam, tell the thing in your own words, think it over so that the answer will be more elaborate.

It also makes sense to start with difficult questions first, allocating enough time to study them. It is better to deal with them until you are tired and lose concentration. As for easy questions, you should leave them for later.

And, you need to make sure you stay consistent. Stick to the chosen strategy, even if you start to panic as an exam approaches.

Don’t marathon study

Most college students think is that studying for hours going through Powerpoint slides and textbooks is the best way to pass their exams. This way to study is not efficient! Your brain will be packed with information, which you will forget quite easily.

Every day, it is important to work through all the material, but at different levels, constantly deepening your knowledge.

On the first day, you need to read all your notes to refresh knowledge on the subject, roughly speaking – to get involved and pay some attention to the matter. Technically, it is safe to say that you will scrape through your exam already.

On the second day, you should study the same questions, but by the textbook in order to learn more details and subtleties. If you prepare diligently, you can already count on a four.

On the last day of studies, you are going to need to polish your knowledge: revise, fill in the gaps, and learn. After the third day, you are ready to ace your examination.

Deepening your knowledge on each topic can be infinitely long, so do not try to remember all the subtleties. Pick a chapter in your textbook and highlight the main ideas: structured material of a small volume is easier to perceive.

Don’t get stuck

If you feel that you are sitting too long over one question, the best thing to do would be to skip it. The best motivator when preparing is a timer. Decide how much time you can give to one question, for example, 30 minutes, and after the time limit, proceed to the next one. Allocate a few hours before the exam to sort out the missed questions.

Don’t study without a plan

Even the most extensive question can be described in a few words. In this case, each thesis should cause associations. Making such quick notes on a series of questions will enable you to revise a lot of information before an exam. There is a method of three proposals: write out a problem for each issue, the main idea and conclusion. Making a plan is also needed when writing an essay. In this regard, you may want to try the best essay writing service here if you have difficulty writing one.

Don’t study on your own

Write down the most difficult topics and study them together with your friends. This will help you deal with questions faster. It is better to cooperate with classmates who are to study, otherwise, preparation for an exam can turn to a regular meeting with friendly conversations. No, this does not mean that joking and the rest are forbidden. Just do not forget about the main purpose of the meeting.

A few more recommendations for preparing for your exams

Take breaks. This will help you relax and dissect new information.

Turn off the phone and do not go on social networks or turn on the TV. If you can not cope with the temptation, read about how to deal with distractions.

Get enough sleep. This will help you keep your mind fresh.

Do not forget about food. It will give extra strength to your body. However, it is not a good idea to overeat. Usually, after an overly dense dinner, students begin to want to go to bed and do not want to study at all.

Avoid stressful situations and negativity from other people. The atmosphere during an exam preparation should be as favorable as possible.

Do not rely too much on cheat sheets and the possibility to cheat. And if you do not know how to cheat properly (you will agree, it takes skill to be able to do it), you should not even try.

Arrange some room for preparation. The place should be well-lit, comfortable, with all the necessary materials at hand. The bed is not the most suitable option: the probability of falling asleep is high.

Make bulleted lists. They make things easier to remember.

Do some sports. It is a good idea to stretch your muscles once in a while if you have been studying for a long time. In addition, while running, riding a bicycle or during a similar physical activity, you can slowly think over difficult questions.

Take some walks in the evening. During the preparation, you are probably stressed out, so you need to relax a little by taking some pleasant walk in the evening with your friends.

In conclusion, we hope you find this article helpful. You are also encouraged to check out this link, where we talk about the secrets behind world’s most mysterious books.

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