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Three Steps of Writing Process to Create a Professional PowerPoint Presentation

Developing a PowerPoint presentation requires both expertise and knowledge of design along with the content of the presentation. The first thought that comes to your mind while gathering ideas for your presentation is to make an impactful design for grabbing the attention of the audience. However, in order to achieve a great presentation with the help of PowerPoint, you should take a step back, relax, and start with the writing process.

This approach to creating a presentation really comes in handy especially when you want to put everything to the point. Here are three basic steps of writing procedure that helps in developing a great presentation:

Step 1: Conduct a Deep-rooted Research

Needless to say, every presentation requires being well backed up with proper information that can be only gained through a qualitative research. Keep these tactics in mind while researching for your presentation:

  • Make Your Presentation Debatable: Prior to marching forward in your presentation development process, note down the name and theme of your topic in one line. Now, consider it as your own mini-thesis for your upcoming presentation. Make sure that the sentence is particular, intelligible, and relevant. It is like a debate that your presentation will help you win. This is quite similar to the designing process, where you often utilize the PowerPoint puzzle pieces for making your presentation effective.

  • Seek the Main Points: Besides writing the mini-thesis, you should also drive your efforts in identifying the relevant points. Think about the topic and note down as many points that strike your mind. After you are done, go through them and narrow down the list of points. Treat your presentation like an argument and the key points are your weapons to win the argument. After all, it is these 6-7 key points that will compel the listeners to agree with the message of your presentation.

Step 2: Start Writing

For an effective content, keep the audience in mind that will be a part of your presentation and stick to these points:

  • Make the Introduction Strong: With your mini-thesis in focus, it is time to craft the introductory part of your presentation along with the summary. The trick is to find the balance between the two and begin with an informative, engaging introduction. This is where you can either lose or grab the attention of the audience.

  • Conclude on an Intriguing Note: Instead of using watered down sentences for ending your presentation, make your conclusion similar to your introduction. Not only you should make it little intriguing, but the ending of your presentation should be like a hidden call-to-action for the audience. Make complete use of direct language along with engaging points of your mini-thesis.

Step 3: Design the Presentation

Design is another important factor in your presentation that has the capability to engage or distract your audience. Even if you have worked hard on the writing process, not being able to design the presentation properly will cost you heavily. For an effective PowerPoint presentation, make sure you use:

  • Proper Templates: Templates are the most compelling hook in terms of the design of the presentation. Choose the right template and make sure that it is unique, as well as, sits well with the theme of your presentation.

  • Relevant Visuals: Images and graphics are other determining elements of a great presentation. Select the right visuals for your presentation in order to make it more attractive.


Hopefully, you are now enlightened with the knowledge on how to develop a great presentation. These tips will not only help you in creating an engaging presentation, but will also display your professionalism.

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