Top Tips And Hints To Keep Your Smartphone In Shape

Learning How to Look After Your Smartphone

The modern smartphone is a marvel to behold. It can do more than supercomputers could do two decades ago. They allow us to make calls, send messages, take pictures and videos, give us access to the Internet, do our banking and so much more.

Our lives have become so interwoven with smartphones that it’s almost impossible to imagine going without them. They’re our own intelligent, personal organisers that make our fast-paced lives that much more convenient.

Whether it’s an Android or an Apple, there comes a time when your smartphone may begin to slow down a bit. It might take longer and longer to load webpages; it might freeze up if you’re doing too much at once; or it might just seem sluggish overall.

This is completely normal, however, and before you start looking for a new smartphone, rather stop and see if you can fix the one you have now. Like computers, smartphones get bogged down over time. They store information, their memories become full, and they can become overloaded – which in turns makes them more difficult to use.

The next time you’re trying to follow the news, your favourite sport, or want to keep up with the latest horse racing tips NZ, but your phone is giving you grief, try these easy and quick solutions to get your device back on track.

1. Clear The RAM

Random access memory is the component in a smartphone that handles all the information that you want the phone to process. From pictures to apps, they all rely on the amount of RAM the device has, and as more is used up, the less there will be for other things to run properly. This can become a problem fairly quickly, but if you’re an Android user, you have many options.

Newer versions of Android tend to handle RAM usage much more efficiently than the older ones, and it should never be too much of a problem. If you do own an older phone, however, and you want to clear the RAM, it’s usually as easy as going to settings, finding the memory settings, and doing a force clear.

2. Manage Your Media

Although it doesn’t seem like it can become a problem, having too many pictures or videos on a phone can begin to slow it down. Every picture requires its own little piece of information, and the more there are on a phone, the more it needs to process.

Consider backing photos up to a computer and deleting them off your phone – this can save space while also speeding up the device’s performance.

3. Format the Phone

This is more of an extreme solution, and is usually kept for phones that have software that has become damaged or corrupt over time. Formatting a phone isn’t difficult, and all it does it reset the device to its default factory settings.

This means the phone will be as good as brand new and should fix all the problems you were experiencing. Just always make sure that you back up all your date before you do a format so that you don’t accidentally lose anything you might want to keep.

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