The Future Of CDs – Is The Format Still Relevant Today?

The Humble CD Set to Remains A Valid Format

Music is one of the biggest entertainment industries on the planet right now, and while many believe that we’ve since moved passed the golden age of music, there’s no denying just how massive the music industry has become.

We first started with vinyl recordings, which were simple, and were only able to hold a few songs at a time. Next we moved over to tape, which provided a much larger array of songs, better durability, and an overall wider player and entertainment format.

Then came the compact disc, or CD, and it totally revolutionised the modern music scene. For the first time in history, music was now on a format that was tough, was able to store tons of songs, and could remain viable for years to come.

Even though a plethora of new and better formats has since hit the market, the CD remains the most popular in music, and there are a few good reasons why.

CD vs. Streaming

The obvious progression for music would be streaming. Fast, reliable broadband Internet coupled with libraries packed with thousands of songs made it seem like the CD would come to an end. And yet, despite all the modern technological advances we’ve made, the CD has held its place against the onslaught of progression, and looks to stay that way for at least the next few years.

Streaming, as wonderful as it can be, didn’t quite meet expectations for 2017, a year that many believed would be the year of streaming.

One of these is the lack of albums attributed for artists. While there’s no denying that music streaming sites have a vast collection of music, it’s often incomplete, and of course, on those days that the Internet isn’t working, you have no access to any music at all.

CDs, being such a universal format, have tons of practicality. Stereo systems, DVD players, and computers all come with CD/DVD drivers, and research has shown that despite the general fall of CD sales over the last few years, they’re still relatively strong in comparison to digital media.

Where Does That Leave CDs?

The truth of the matter is that the companies that produce some of the biggest artists in the world are extremely powerful, similar to other media giants; such as the ones that supervise horse racing tips NZ, and their influence can be felt in every corner of media as a whole.

They also tend to be traditional in some senses and having CDs as the primary music format in the world just makes sense, despite the rising costs of producing CDs in mass.

In fact, many of these corporations are actively fighting against the death of CDs, meaning that artists often don’t have a choice but to sign up with the promise of promoting CD usage with their latest albums.

Retailers are in the same basket, and even though big retailers have recently been cutting their CD selections, other companies that offer delivery have picked up the slack.

The CD has been around for the better part of three decades, and until big companies stop using them, and they completely fall out of public favour, it’s safe to say we will continue to find them being sold at the shops for the next few years.

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