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INTERVIEW: Georgie Keller

Hi Georgie, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey! I’ve been amazing thank you. Everything’s great!

For those who aren’t familiar with you or your sound yet, how would you describe it?

I would say my sound is a kind of pop, hip-hop/R&B fusion. With a lot of organic & acoustic elements in there too!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Rings”?

‘Rings’ is a track i wrote out in Germany about a year ago with a couple of friends of mine. Through a collaborative process we wrote this track about a two people, who are very fond of each other. But, just for one night, aren’t taking rings or anything too deep. It’s just simply about them within that specific moment in time.

How did the collaboration with Kendall Wagner come about?

I had heard some of Kendall’s work through another friend of mine, and was so impressed with his flow & the way he uses words. We really felt ‘Rings’ would be perfect for his kind of voice. So we sent it over and he came straight back with his really cool verse. It was exactly what the track needed!

Did any event/s in particular inspire you to write the material?

Personally, maybe some certain lines in the track, but the story itself no not really. As i said, collaborating with other writers too is really interesting for me, because you get to gain inspiration from their stories too!

How was the recording and writing process?

Pretty quick to be honest, i don’t usually like spend too long on lyrics etc. Well, i guess it does depends entirely on the type of track! But for this one, ‘Rings’, we wrote in an evening i think. And as far as recording goes, the process is pretty fast too. I usually record everything into my voice memos app on my phone, so i have it all saved. Then when it comes to laying vocals down, it’s just a matter of perfecting it and making it sound real. 

How different is this new single from your previous material?

I’d say it’s more in the direction of a ‘mainstream pop’ kind of sound. Which is exciting for me, and i really hope people latch on to it. My previous two singles were a little bit more hip/hop influenced. So it’s cool to put something pointing slightly in a different direction, but still keeping those influences in there.

How was it being on Tour? You’ve recently supported Barns Courtney?

It was so incredible, an opportunity i’ll forever be very grateful for. Just getting real feedback from real people was my favourite thing about it. Performing on stages at sell out shows is something i’ve been dreaming of for a long time, so to do that was really cool. Of course, it wasn’t my shows, but to watch Barns do his thing and learn how he is with the crowd was also a real learning curve for myself.

What else is happening next in Georgie Keller’s world? Any live dates for the diary?

Not as of yet, but there definitely will be! Follow me on all my socials and i promise i’ll keep you posted. 




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