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PREMIERE: BlckBx Release New Music Video For “SLOMO”

Baile funk duo BlckBx is beyond thrilled to be releasing their music video for “SLOMO.” The Los Angeles based, internationally raised duo is bringing the sounds and culture of Baile Funk to the States. The track draws influence from a native Brazilian dance culture while simultaneously incorporating aspects of 90’s R&B. The duo lives by “music-meets-mantra,” intersecting their lifestyles, influences, and cultures to shape their music.

Citizens of the world, Maite and Richard’s diverse backgrounds and influences is clearly displayed in their music. “SLOMO” is their attempt at a modern visualization of the Brazilian ideology of music and the notion of standing out from the crowd, loving yourself, and finding someone else crazy enough to stand out and love themselves with you. Not necessarily a true love, but also not necessarily a platonic love; that interpretation is up to you. That artistic ambiguity is apparent in the music video that finds the two at the beach all day, singing, exploring, and just being.

BlckBx is a Los Angeles based Baile Funk duo made up of Maite Christi and Richard Wynne. The duo first met through mutual friends and later matched on Tinder, in true millennial fashion. It wasn’t love, but they didn’t let their romantic incompatibility get in the way of their musical chemistry. Maite and Richard quickly began writing music together and wrote their first single “Home” in under an hour! Maite’s Brazilian and Haitian background matched with Richard’s technical music background makes for a brilliant, vibrant, and lush sound – definitely for fans of Sofi Tukker.

In addition, we get to sit with the band and discuss about the single and more!

Hi folks, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

BlckBx: We’re great thanks for asking!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “SLOMO“?

BlckBx: It’s a song we accidentally wrote on purpose one night at our studio. We wanted to challenge ourselves to get a song down before sun up  and we kind of got lost in what ended up being “SLOMO”. We wanted to go for something fun but simple; like our own interpretation of slow, sexy, raunchy songs like ”Pony”  by Genuwine. We wanted to write something that was both pop and hip hop/R&B but still true to our Baile Funk roots. It’s been a blast for us to play live as well which is a plus. We closed with it every night on our last tour!

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

BlckBx: Probably a number of events. It’s more about the feeling of being so honed in on one person or moment that the rest of the world kind of stands still around you. It’s that age old cliche, but it’s also  the unity associated with any spiritual, physical, or musical connection.

Additionally, we’ve  found ourselves at a place where our lifestyle and sound were intersecting. A “music meets mantra” sort of thing. There are so many people in this world that hold off. Hold off for the right moment to be who they want to be, or do what they want to do. We’ve never really fit in with that… fear and embarrassment get way too much credit.

We believe in late nights, loud music, and drum circles on the beach. We believe in stupid jokes interrupted by impromptu screams of first time skinny dippers; and singing and dancing even though (and especially though) you totally suck at both. Whether it’s the crash of a wave, or a distorted Portuguese expletive telling you to move your ass, life is music to us. music is life. It brings us together, and it keeps us close. “SLOMO” was born out of that feeling.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

R: We made the video on an insanely crowded beach, blasting the music, and just not really caring who was looking. It’s very much so that type of song.

M: It was very fucking cold; which is funny, because it’s a beach. Also, as richard said there were a lot of people so it was a bit awkward when I would be doing these somewhat provocative dance moves and like a 3 year old would be walking down the stairs… and their parents would kinda scowl

R: Yeah Especially because what she was doing is like a G rated kids meal version of what they do in Sao Paulo.

How was the recording and writing process?

M:It was fun! Just another night in the black box.

R: So our name actually comes from our studio, which is essentially one giant black box with no windows in North Hollywood. “SLOMO” Just came from us messing around one night with some chords and melodies and laying down everything as soon as possible.

M: yea, I would also add that I think we were really missing the summer and the feeling of freedom and sexual tension that comes with it… I think that really inspired us while writing.

What role does Brazil and Haiti play in your music?

R: Well, we make Baile Funk which is native to Brazil. I got into it after I first stumbled onto Menor De Chapa on spotify. He’s hella dope. I couldn’t believe that he literally uses the same drum loop for every song. I heard the first track and I was like “Oh this is an interesting feel, I wonder what his other songs are like”. Then I heard that the second song was the almost exact same feel, and I found out that it was like this whole genre I’d never heard of. I dove in head first.

M: And I was born in Brazil and my dad is Haitian so those rhythms and melodies are like second nature to me.

How did you get to balance both cultures into this song?

BlckBx : Rhythmically, most of our sound is intrinsically derivative of the modern Brazilian dance culture native to Sao Paulo. Simultaneously, we are OBSESSED with 90’s R&B. Songs by Destiny’s Child, D’Angelo…Juvenile….. the way they’re able to gift wrap even the most explicit intentions into something docile and inconspicuously beautiful.

M: In a way, that’s the same intent that we created “SLOMO” with. It’s our own attempt at a modern visualization of that Brazilian ideology represented in that music. Whether it’s Mc Kevinho or Beyonce… It all comes from the same place: standing out from the crowd, loving yourself, and finding someone else crazy enough to stand out and love themselves with you.

R: Additionally, Haitian guitar playing is awesome. I’ve always been obsessed with the way they walk this tightrope  between the inherent complexity in their rhythmic subdivisions and danceability. Baile funk is the same. The sheer quantity of asses that have been shaken to these fucked up triplet bass drum patterns with weird ass beat boxing is incredibly intriguing to me.

How’s your new album coming along?

BlckBx: Really well! Although we’re deciding on how we’ll be releasing it. Might not be the normal “twelve songs all at once” thing. But we’ll see!

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

BlckBx:  Hmmmm… We should be dropping a new single every month or so for the next year so keep an eye out for that!

Any plans to hit the road?

BlckBx: We’re planning on another tour this summer for sure! We had a blast on our tour earlier this year and we can’t wait to get back out there.

What else is happening next in BlckBx’s world?

BlckBx: We’re getting ready to release our next single and working on the next video that will be released with the single after this next one. Lot’s of great things happening!

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