Hi I, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’ve been good, thank you!

Can you talk to us more about your song “I Can’t Breathe”?

Of course!

Did any event inspire you to write this song?

It wasn’t really a specific event, I’ve struggled with anxiety from a young age and I wrote this song about how suffocating and isolating it can really feel. I think topics like these aren’t talked about a lot and I just wanted to be honest with myself and in my music. I want my listeners to know the real me.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

I filmed, directed, and edited the video all myself, so it was a little bit different of a process.  I spent a few weeks watching it over and over trying to figure out if it was good enough to post or not there are still a couple things I might’ve changed a little but overall I don’t think I did too bad. I filmed the song where I wrote it, which happens to be one of my favorite places because not many people go there so it’s very peaceful and calm. It’s a nice place to breathe and let go for a bit. I think the scenery captures the song well.

The single comes off your new album Nights Like These – what’s the story behind the title?

I wrote the album from a personal perspective about my struggles with anxiety and depression and I don’t know how it is for other people but for me nights are an especially difficult time. You come home, you’re alone, you overthink, and all you want to do is sleep but your brain won’t shut off. So I wrote about those nights and I titled it Nights Like These.

How was the recording and writing process?

It was amazing. I recorded all the songs on the album at Smash Cat Studios in Pittsburgh. I wrote this song right before I left so I didn’t have it demoed out or anything, I played it for my producers when I got there and this is how it turned out! We wanted it to have a more acoustic ambient feel so we actually put a mic in the bathroom and recorded it there. This was the first song I think I got really excited about because I didn’t think to highly of myself so I wasn’t sure if I could make good music people would actually want to listen too but when we played it back I was like wow this is so cool, I made that.

What role does California play in your writing?

I did grow up in California so it really has shaped me into the person and artist I am but I really love travelling and seeing what the world has to offer, I feel like I get more inspired on the road getting to experience new things. A lot of the songs I did write in my bedroom before even thinking of recording them in an actual studio, but there are songs on the album that were written in Pittsburgh, Ohio, Washington, and a lot of other places. So I’d say California has had a big impact on my writing but so has the rest of the world.

What aspect of anxiety and depression did you get to explore on the record?

In this recording process I flew to a state I had never been to, on a plane by myself for the first time, stayed in a house full of people I had never met, I was bound to be a little anxious during the process but in the end I felt so much better for it. It felt like I overcame a lot of what I was fearing which is not easy but I felt like a new person when I came home. I had confidence I didn’t have before and was inspired more than I had ever been which was great! I always write when I’m sad or anxious or feeling anything so through the process of writing this record I sort of got to analyze all the different aspects of what my anxiety and my depression have to offer. I like being able to turn downfalls like these into something good like a song, being able to put my energy and focus into the music really helps me cope and I really hope it helps others along the way.

Any plans to hit the road?

Oh definitely, I’m working on it!

What else is happening next in INTICA´s world?

I’m currently getting ready to play some shows and in May I am headed back to Pittsburgh to record some new music!

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