Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Great, happy to be chatting with you.  Thanks for taking an interest in the record.

Can you talk to us more about your song “Just Say Yes”? Did any event inspire you to write this song?

Writing that song was crazy.  The main riffs and chords showed up before the lyrics, as they usually do.  But the lyrics wouldn’t come, there was something in the way.  At some point I realized that I was censoring my own thoughts like some Orwellian nightmare.  “Just Say Yes” was the end of that.  It was no single event that bore that song, but the simultaneous acknowledgement and acceptance of all the crazy parts of my mind, my world.

Any plans to release a video for the track?

If the inspiration strikes, we will.  A video is another expression of the song so we’ve learned not to force it.

The single comes off your new album Little Secrets – what’s the story behind the title?

The title was a lyric taken from the opening track “The Lucky Ones”.  We canned the EP in less than 4 days, none of us had ever worked at that pace before. On the morning we were leaving, the staff at Electrical Audio asked what we were going to call the album.  It was the first thing that we came up with.   By that point of the process we had become so efficient that we never gave it a second thought, so it stuck.

What was it like to work with Steve Albini and how did that relationship develop? How much did he influence the album? How was the recording and writing process?

Working with Steve Albini was like going to a restaurant which uses only the finest ingredients with a well equipped kitchen run by a world-class chef.  However, there is no menu.  Not only that but you also have to tell him what ingredients you want to use, to make the dish you want.  For some people this might be scary, but for us it was perfect.  We were ready to make a record on our own terms.

The writing was done before we got there and there was no “production” in the typical music biz sense.  We showed up and played the hell out of those songs, and Steve recorded them like the world-class engineer he is.  It was done entirely analog, no computers.  When you make a record like that, especially so quickly, there is no time for the ego to jump in.  It was like surfing a wave.  The result was exactly what we wanted.

What role did Chicago play in the writing of this album?

Chicago provided the grub. Shout out to Kuma’s Corner (a killer heavy metal burger joint just steps from Electrical Audio). We didn’t see much Chicago, or daylight at all, until after the record was done.  To that end, Chicago was the greasy morning meal to our recording hangover.

Any plans to hit the road?

We’re starting to see some demand outside of our immediate area now so I would have to say yes.

What else is happening next in Lava Doll´s world?

We’re going to nurture the creative side for awhile and let Little Secrets do its thing. We’ll continue to play shows regularly, but we’ve already begun writing and preproduction on the next record.  Making records is the most fun.

Hear the focus track ‘Just Say Yes’ on Soundcloud

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