Impressively returning with a powerful new single laced heavily with an emotionally charged message, Australia’s own RAR have been blazing an incredible trail through the EDM/POP world since 2017. First introducing us to the beautifully crafted single “Darkness”, RAR have changed tempos, changed moods, changed their approach to their new single “Worried About You” (Featuring J Burney). This time around they made the effort to release a song that is going to hit many of their listeners right-in-the-feels, because for some of those listeners, the message of this song is going to expose the dark truth inside; sometimes you aren’t done with caring about someone who is gone.

There is no surprise as to the professional execution of this song as RAR have previously shown us that they can operate at the highest levels of both skill and sound quality. Upon listening to “Worried About You” a second time, and with a more focused attention to detail, you can hear the amount of thought and care that went into the creation of every layer of sound woven into the song; I am not sure if this is an actual admission from at least one member of the band, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this song was directed at someone special in particular.

Where “Darkness” and “Worried About You” share the floor is, simply put, in the bands obvious desire to create a song that listeners would love to listen to, without compromising their own artistic integrity. They have succeeded in two singles that will, no doubt, resonate with anyone looking for a song to put on repeat and then take to the evenings party!

When I first heard RAR I was reminded of why I enjoy music from Australia so much; because in Australia they know how to make a killer song! Not only do they make great music, but they make great music in every genre that I can think of, and when it comes to EDM and POP, RAR has that genre on lockdown!

If you are looking for another great song to add to your growing party-playlist, then look no further than what RAR has delivered this time around with their addictive new single “Worried About You”.

RAR can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

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