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The Best Hobbies For Music Lovers

In a time when our country and even the world is so divisive on so many issues, one thing that many of us can agree on is that music is something that unites us.

And whether you are a musician, a music reviewer, or just someone who sings loudly in her car en route to work, sharing our love of music is another thing that brings us together. You don’t have to be a trained musician to make it a big part of your life.

Read on for some suggestions on ways to make music more than just your entertainment—make it your hobby.

Share The Love

Sharing is caring, and there are so many ways to share your favorite music with others these days. Whether you share it through an app or share it in person, let your family and friends in on the tunes that are making you move and groove these days.

It could even inspire an impromptu dance session. Whether it’s a new song that just showed up in an amazing film or a talent show that your friend has just turned you onto, a mutual love of music is a magical thing.

Keep The Karaoke Going

Okay, okay, so this can sometimes be presented as something to laugh at but, the truth is, karaoke is alive and well and it isn’t always a joking matter.

That’s what the best part about a karaoke night is. You could experience everyone from a Rosanne-singing-“The”-“National”-“Anthem” bad to the next Whitney Houston. And the bottom line is it’s an absolute blast, and a great way to celebrate special occasions, too.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Ugh, I had the worst time at karaoke the other night.”? Yeah, we didn’t think so. So whether you get the equipment for a karaoke night at home or you gather a group of friends for Karaoke Night at the corner pub, just get out there and croon—no real talent necessary.

Pump up the Visuals Jam

Hiring a DJ or even just playing your own music at a party is already going to give your bash a serious boost, but an audio visualizer will take it up a notch (or 20).

Magic’s visualizer helps you create abstract geometric patterns that “dance” in time with the music. Images can also be displayed that pulse with beats. Graphics can also be synchronized to music. And while this is a blast at parties, it doesn’t have to end that day or night.

Compositions can be exported for further editing or shared on sites like Vimeo and YouTube.

Get On The Live Music Train

Attending concerts is just good for the soul. Whether it’s the band you’ve adored since you were eight years old or a great local group that plays at the corner pub every Friday, there’s just something about seeing it in person.

It can become even more fun if you find a tribe that’s as into your music as you are. You can keep each other abreast of when your favorite bands are playing. While some of the larger concerts for well-established bands are admittedly pricey, seeing live music on the regular can be surprisingly inexpensive.

From finding tickets on Groupon and craigslist to attending lesser-known shows and keeping an eye out for free shows (many times put on during the summer months), concerts don’t have to break the bank.

Take Lessons

This is kind of a no-brainer if you want to extend your music adoration beyond just listening. However, there are so many fun ways to pursue this that don’t have to do with piano lessons that you make your kids go to twice a week against their will (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

Whether you try out a place like School of Rock or engage in a group lesson for the whole family, music lessons can take place in many forms. And if you are already an adult and think you’re too old of a dog to learn new tricks, to that we say, “No way.”

When it comes to music, you’re never too old to take a spin on the saxophone (or whatever else floats your musical boat).

American Idol is back in full swing and we all likely daydream about being “the next big thing.” There’s something magical about watching talented people pursue their musical aspirations.

However, becoming a musical prodigy isn’t necessary to make music your muse. Enlist any or all of these ways to make music your hobby and just try to keep your toes from tapping.

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