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6 Big Takeaways from the Avengers: Infinity War

Infinity War could well be the biggest movie of our time. This is the culmination of years of planning – the battle we’ve seen coming since Nick Fury first turned up on Iron Man’s doorstep (actually, he broke into his house) and asked him to join the Avengers in 2008. Released on 27th April in most regions, we’ve already started to see glimpses of the action and drama in Infinity War through some juicy trailers, but naturally, we spotted many things that made us a little shocked. These are the six biggest takeaways from all the footage we’ve seen of Infinity War.

New shields and facial hear for Cap

That’s right, shields. Captain America can be seen sporting two shiny new shields – no doubt trying to replace the famous vibranium-made shield we all know and love that Cap willingly gave up in Civil War. We see Cap in Wakanda, so we have to assume Black Panther and his smart sister Shuri have cooked up something new for everyone’s favourite old-timey American hero. Also, that’s Cap with a beard? He’s no doubt had some tough months post-Civil War, but it certainly suits him, so no complaints there.

Black Widow with blonde hair

With her amazing flame-coloured hair, it’s possible that Scarlett Johansson’s badass Black Widow was responsible for a massive spike in women picking up red hair dye and following in her footsteps. However, in these new trailers, we see Black Widow as more of a Blonde Widow. Her bleached hair is also much shorter, but much like Cap’s new beard, we have to say it looks great on her.

Bucky has a very new metal arm

In Civil War, we witnessed Bucky’s metal arm completely blown off by Iron Man during their intense fight, but Cap’s old childhood friend evidently got some good care from the folks in Wakanda, as he sports a very new and very metal arm again. Useful for punching aliens, we should think.

Loki has turned bad again

This isn’t so clear, but we all know how quickly Loki can betray his own family, so it should come as no surprise that he would take the side of big baddie Thanos during the Infinity War. The trailers show Loki standing on the side together with the villains, as well as evidently handing over the stupendously powerful Tesseract to someone (likely Thanos) to stay alive.

Still no Hawkeye

We haven’t seen good ol’ Hawkeye in any of the trailers, nor the brand new poster. We know Jeremy Renner definitely portrays the archery expert in the new Avengers film, but there’s been little news of what he’ll actually be up to.

Thanos perhaps isn’t as strong as we thought

Thanos definitely looks imposing whilst carrying a hefty gauntlet to attach all the Infinity stones, but in the new trailer, he attempts to strike Captain America, but Cap manages to hold off the blow – with some difficulty – but it goes to show that he can be held off and, hopefully, defeated.

We can’t wait to see all the action on the big screen in April, but for more space and fantasy epics to hold you over, be sure to check out our list of the best sci-fi movies of 2017.

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