INTERVIEW: Nitish Pires

Hi Nitish, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I am doing great, excited about my latest album response which has been great until now.  

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “It’s My Way”?

It’s my way is a part of my album Am I Evil, written, composed & produced by me.

It’s catchy, groovy & hard rock-ish song with a mix of Eletronica, something which bands like Rammstein do.

This single like my other songs in the album is different to the rest of the songs,  since In each and every song I have tried fusing many other genres with rock as a base.

I have an amazing video for It’s my way which is directed by me myself and its right now creating waves out on the social media platforms.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Well, for me the words and the power in it is my inner voice. I cant say I got inspirations from somewhere to write this song, the words are just me and the person in ME’s way of life  and my ongoing aspiration, where I don’t want to be bothered and stopped since I don’t do that.

So through this song I kind of express myself to a  certain kinds of unwanted groups or situations around me to Get Out Of My Way and let me do what I want to do. Be it right or be it wrong!

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Yes there is already a video out on Vevo  & Youtube. I highly recommend you and every one who is reading this interview to see it. Infact it will be interesting to know what’s  the message that’s coming out of my video… So dear readers kindly watch it and tell me what do you think?

The single comes off your new album Am I Evil – what’s the story behind the title?

Well the working title of the album was It’s My Way initially, which we thought was catchy. But during the process I thought it’s a big statement for the whole album and I didn’t want  my album to ring like a arrogant mans album..hehe. I agree the album is my style and my way but I thought I should rather ask a question to my listeners than to give a statement. Hence I named it Am I Evil . It’s my question to the listeners asking them if they think I am evil to say whatever I said in my songs or I am  not. There is a message in each and every song for the listeners to judge.

How was the recording and writing process?

My Recording process was very exciting and pretty fast since I completed my final production of all the 11 songs in a month. Well my pre-recording process went through a period of years. I was writing melodies in bits like short melodies and recording it in my mobile recorder. I think I almost had more than 200 short melodies by the end of 3 years of my travel and experiences. After that I would sit and listen to the material and join or re-compose the parts together to make it a song…

Writing lyrics was the most fastest thing I ever did for my album.. The lyrics just came out flowing since my lyrics are not too poetic but wordy. So I was kind of just speaking in my mind and dotting it down as  lyrics for my songs. For the final production of my album, I shifted to Goa, India and had converted my bedroom into a Diy recording studio, not fancy but with cusions and carpet I made the room desirable for recording.. I recorded myself like most of the indie musicians in the current scene do.. When I was producing the music I was by myself  alone locked inside my bedroom for almost a month and the bedroom was my world where I created all the references of my travel around me for inspiration.. I would head bang, get emotional, dance or act funny with my music .. Seems like a physcho locked inside his world ??? Haha… My room was my Lab all full of my energies locked inside to be transcribed into my album “Am I Evil”.

Having travelled around the world – how has these experiences influenced you as an artist?

I think travel and Busking specially for songwriters is a way to open more doors to creativity. While before taking the plunge in to the sea of travel, I was writing songs based on the experiences I encountered in my country, the songs were India centric. As I mentioned I speak my songs and my songs are not a poem. I will never attempt to write a song about how scary it is to be on the moon or how difficult or beautiful it is to be in the universe, since I don’t have no experiences of being there.. As I travelled in the search for more experiences, I realized my song writing was taking a global form of expression. Meeting so many great people from different countries, playing infront of so many different people changed the way I started thinking and my song writing changed without even I realizing it . I am not a perfect person to speak about the infinite changes that travel can bring in to a person, but ya I promote and i recommend it to all song writers to travel without a company. Travel Alone!

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

I wouldn’t say that any particular incident inspired me for any writing, maybe it did but I was writing more of what’s in my head that I wanted to speak… One of my friend’s father use to say If you have nothing good to say to someone then might as well not say at all, perhaps i hold on to myself when I feel like giving my opinion on any affairs. I think my songs give me a chance to express myself without directly hurting anyone and in that way I have also served my inner expressive feelings and not directly hurt anyone…

Getting the songs and melody inside me is the most easiest thing, I just keep my mind and heart open to receive the melodies from the universe. There is a lot of songs in the air un-explored and unwritten. I feel I just have to open more and more.  

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes, Road is my second home. Without it I’ll turn into  a cabbage. I might just zip out any time when my heart feels like on a busking tour in Europe & America. This time with an album to share and hopefully I can sell CDs to carry one.  About my official tours there is hopefully a 7-10 city India tour in the pipe-line this year.

What else is happening next in Nitish Pires’ world?

. I have already started working on my next album which I will release in early next year.

. My first official video of my Russian song is releasing in April, I am very excited about the reaction of this video from the Russian audiences.

. Working on a German translation of my song ” Crazy”.

. I am shooting three music videos in April from the songs from “Am I Evil”, so there is a lot more video  content, interviews, association that I will bring in throughout this whole year.

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