INTERVIEW: French Metal Band WAYS

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Niko: Hey! It’s a pleasure to be on VENTS. Our EP “AFTERMATH” is now available, so we are really fine. Everything is cool.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single Death Row?

Clément: Death Row was written by us when we were going through a time where we felt the emergency of the situation of animals life. We wanted to write something that spoke exactly how we felt. This song is about fur and, by consequence, about animals mistreatment. We don’t understand why a lot of animals are killed for their fur… Most people in the world don’t need fur to protect from the cold, we have a lot of alternative clothes for that. This is just for fashion and it is cruel. This song is a story about an animal who was born in a cruel world. He doesn’t understand why he is in a cage, he just want to live a good life full of joy but at the end, some people take his life and his skin just to make clothes. Every year, fashion kills over 150 millions animals. It’s a non sense.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Clément: A lot of events, pics, videos or actions all around us created this single. But, maybe one event in particular. I was volunteer for an association against animals’s mistreatment and i met a lot of people who are closed-minded about this subject. The fight for this cause is really huge and difficult. Animals don’t have a voice, so i have chosen to give my voice for them and keep on the fight.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

Niko: For the video clip of Death Row we worked with Anthony Lossmann aka Thone. Thone is good friend of us and he worked with us on an other video clip (As A Duty – EP Watching From Afar). We spoke about this song and the lyrics with Thone and this subject is really important for him too. After that Clément found an old and dirty house close to the woods. There are three parts on this video clip. The house is like a cage where animals wait to die, the cave at the beginning on the video clip is like a death room and the forest is like an impossible freedom place. All sequences make the link between the cage, the death room and an impossible freedom place. The experience behind the video was very exciting because it was important for us to speak with a lot of clarity of this subject.

The single comes off your new album Aftermath – what’1.s the story behind the title?

Niko: “Aftermath” speak about causes and consequences. Actions have consequences. It’s really important to think before to act. This new EP talks about a lot things like animals mistreatment, fur, global warming, suicide, drug and bad human behavior.

How was the recording and writing process?

Niko: Bruno and i worked some new guitar riffs and step by step created a lot of songs. After that we played all of this with Tony (drums) and Nico (bass). When everything was ok for us, we recorded a demo for Clément. With this demo, Clément wrote lyrics and voices melody. When everything was ready, we practiced a lot with all instruments including voice. After that, we recorded our EP.

What role does France play in your writing?

Clément: France doesn’t play a role more than an other country. This EP talks about derives from our society. “Aftermath” speak about feeling of malaise and solitude, lack of self-confidence, animals and more. My opinion is every country or human being in this world have to be concerned closely or remotely by those subjects.

What aspect of animal cruelty, abuse and global warming did you get to explore on this record?

Clément: Today, cruelty to animals is everywhere, in our plates, our clothes and our cosmetics products. It’s really easy to explore this subject, just try to not put  animals in our products to confront reality and see all the rest have to be realized. In my opinion, all the rest is connected, abuse of any kind, overconsumption. Without being an example of ecology and without making easy shortcuts, our lifestyles are not viable for the sustainability of the planet and species. Unfortunately, the exploration of those subjects is noticeable every single day.

Any plans to hit the road?

Niko: We already begun the AFTERMATH TOUR in France and Spain. We have more gigs to come and we are still looking for more and more gigs everywhere

What else is happening next in WAYS. world?

Niko: More live, more news songs and more CD. 🙂

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