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How to make time for meditation during a busy day?

Daily meditation is the secret of a successful and happy life. Meditation helps to reduce stress by decreasing the level of adrenaline in the body. It is great for a healthy body and a healthy mind, but then again, we all know this by heart by now. The problem today is not the lack of knowledge about meditation, but the lack of time to sit down and relax. Even 5 minutes of deep meditation can relieve muscle stress, reduce cortisol levels, de-stress the heart, level out blood pressure and improves attention span.

Find time in the mornings

Meditation should be a part of your daily morning routine right after you wake up. Just get off your bed, onto the rug and sit in a lotus position. Mornings are usually calmer and quieter than other times of the day. Just sit and focus on your breathing. Inhale slowly counting from 1 to 10 slowly and exhale in the same rhythm, all the while focusing on your breathing. Feel the air fill your lungs with positivity and imagine it leaving your body to fill the room. You have to make this your daily habit instead of hitting the snooze button every day. To know more about the enriching effects of meditation, read the philosophy of eastern wisdom by Alan Watts. 5 minutes a day can reduce your stress levels and increase your productivity manifold.

Meditation during daily commute

During the morning commute, in the Uber or even in the subway, you can try to focus on your day’s routine and your emotions about the tasks at hand. Do the meditation about reality and your real life challenges. Research shows that people who make a list of to-dos each morning often achieve more productivity during their day at work. Use your mornings to focus your attention towards solutions to the problems at hand. Take deep breaths and train your mind to isolate itself from the surrounding chaos.

Squeeze time in during lunch

You can also turn your lunchtime into a meditation break. When your colleagues leave to have lunch, you can take 5 minutes off and occupy a corner of the rec room or the kitchen to engage in meditation. In case of open floor office plans, you can always sneak away into the conference room or the bathroom for a short break. Play some calming music on your iPad and zone in into your Zen. There are several companies, especially startups that have their meditation and fitness zones. Be sure to make the best of these opportunities if you have access to them.

Keep a few mins at night for yourself

Nights can be mundane and especially exhausting for people with families. If you find it hard to be alone inside the house during the night, take 5 minutes time-off in the yard or the lawn. Get your yoga mat out, light some candles and play soothing music. Let your mind lift you above the tedium and welcome you to a land of rejuvenation.

Finding time for yourself is very necessary during any time of the day. Meditation during the day helps you connect with yourself better at a much deeper level.

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