Essential Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog during the winter

Many people assume that because pet dogs have fur coats they are well equipped to handle low temperatures. However, since pet dogs are accustomed to the warmth and comfort of the indoors, the winter season can be pretty uncomfortable for them when they are outdoors. Here’s how you can look after your pet dog better when it is really cold outside:

How to Know If Your Dog Is Feeling Too Cold?

If the temperature outside makes you uncomfortable when you are not wearing warm clothes, it is a good indication that your pet dog may find it equally cold. He may manifest his discomfort by shivering, whining, or looking nervous. He may just focus on looking for places to burrow in instead of frolicking outdoor as usual. When any of these symptoms are seen, you should bring your dog indoors for better warmth and comfort.

Arrange For a Coat for Outdoor Use

Arrange for a warm coat or sweater if you pet has thin fur. A good coat should provide for maximum coverage from the neck downwards and also protect the underbelly. However, coats cannot protect your pet from frostbite on the feet, tail, or ears, so make sure that your pet is not left out in the cold for long periods. It is a good idea to accompany your pet when it is let out for a walk or to play; normally, when you have had enough, your pet will also want to return to the warmth of the house.

Take Your Pet outside When the Sun Is Shining

To reduce the chances of your dog getting frostbite, you should take her out when the sun is shining or when it is relatively warmer such as in the late morning or early afternoon. Getting exposure to the sun not only makes it more pleasant for both of you but you also get the opportunity of generating some Vitamin D that’s crucial to good health.

Provide Warm Bedding

Make sure your pet does not have to sleep on a cold floor during the winter. Providing bedding with blankets on a bed that’s elevated from the floor will keep her warm and cozy. The bed should ideally be away from drafts but in a familiar place so that she doesn’t feel uneasy during the night. If your pet is aging, providing a heated pet bed will reduce joint stiffness.

Safeguard Your Dog from Heaters, Fireplaces, and Radiators

It is natural for your pet to come really close to sources of heat like radiators, fireplaces, etc. and expose themselves to the risk of burns. Wherever you have floor-standing heaters or fireplaces with which, your pet can come in touch accidentally, you should install covers or appropriate guards.


To keep your pet healthy during the cold season it is very important that you groom it regularly. Use warm water for the bath and coconut oil to keep their skins moisturized. Keep it properly hydrated and adjust the meals if it is indulging in lesser activity to prevent it from gaining weight.

Author Bio: Andrew Thompson is an avid dog lover and a passionate writer on dog care issues. He has recently teamed up with to write a series of blog articles on common dog care issues.

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