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Declutter Your Yard: Follow These Steps for an Effective Decluttering Campaign

Clutter can make your yard look dull even if you spend your entire weekend trimming and maintaining your garden space or cleaning your patio and deck areas regularly. For most homeowners, decluttering their yard means making a list of a couple of items and throwing them into the garbage bin. However, according to modern landscaping experts, removing clutter from your yard now deals with recycling, repurposing, repairing or removing hazardous items in the proper place.

There is a high chance that you will feel anxious, frustrated, and bored when thinking of decluttering your yard, so here are some tips that will make the procedure relaxing and entertaining for you.

Inspect the Old Garden Furniture

Before you start to declutter your yard and send your old garden furniture to the dumpster, evaluate it carefully and check whether it is repairable or not. You can also think of donating it to an organization or charitable trust. Moreover, for other creative application of your outdoor landscape, you can check the services of websites like king landscape co.

Think of Recycling the Old Paint

It is quite common for you to have the first instinct to throw everything in the garbage while decluttering your yard. But, when it comes to your old paint, before you dump it in the trash can, try out a dedicated paint recycling center in your locality. You can also utilize the Internet and find out some authentic online sources and get your old paint products accepted while sitting at your home. From exterior architectural paints to field and lawn paints, these centers accept and recycle everything.

Discard Broken Garden Pots

While decluttering your yard, there will be some items that are beyond repair. Your old, broken garden pots and containers are one of them. Discard these items that are no longer in use for your garden. However, if you have a broken garden statue, you can either donate it to someone who collects architectural stuff or toss it in the recycling bin.

Consider Lawn Alternatives

Every time you throw a glimpse at your yard, the only thing you cannot afford to overlook is your dying lawn. The best time for replacing your brownish, parched patches that cannot be maintained anymore is during your decluttering campaign. Moreover, if you reside in a drought-prone region, then you simply cannot afford the upkeep of your lawn. Try replacing it with hardscape elements or invest in drought-tolerant plants.

Get Rid of Garden Waste

Go green with your decluttering campaign and build a backyard compost bin to remove all the plant trimmings and garden waste gathered in your yard. Apart from grass, leaves, and other plant materials, you can include tea bags and leaves, vegetables and fruit scraps, nut shells and eggshells. The finished compost can be integrated into your garden space to enhance the soil. Another alternative to compost bin is taking up all the garden waste and tossing them in the yard waste bin.


As you can see, decluttering does not always mean disposing of all the litter in the dumpster. There are few items that can be easily repurposed or recycled for further use. Keep the above-mentioned ideas in mind before you begin to declutter your yard next time.

Author Bio – Jack Dsouja is an environmentalist who puts a lot of effort into keeping his surroundings clean. He also loves to review the environment-friendly products and services offered by firms like king landscape co. He shares his valuable experiences frequently in his blogs.

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