INTERVIEW: Alt Pop Band Polaroid Summer

Song River: Let’s dig right into the heart of ‘Tides’ how personal is this song?

A: While my personal issues may have not been as dark as some of the issues portrayed in the music video, lyrically it is pretty personal, it is me.  But to be honest, I think everyone could say the same if they listened or read the lyrics.

S: Looking at our world do you sense we are struggling more today under the human condition of daily life than let’s say our parents or grandparents were?

A: Lets just say it’s definitely different. To me it seems that with the Internet and social media there is a lot more pressure related stress for those who have not yet made it to a level most would deem successful.

S: Is there a solution or multi solutions the band has thought of regarding depression issues?

A: If you deal with depression the first thing is just to be honest with yourself about it and then find someone who cares about you to talk to about it. If you don’t have anyone then you should seek a medical professional. There is no perfect one-size-fits-all solution but there are steps you can take to head back in the right direction.

S: What are some positive steps you each take for yourselves to help cope with the sorrows and to help soar with the joys?

A: I think its just trying to stay positive amidst the hardships, don’t dwell on the lows but instead how can we make what happens next go the best it can go. This sucks but what is the next step, keep moving forward. The world doesn’t stop spinning for anyone.

S: Balance. Talk about what it means.

A: Specifically for me Balance is where relationships, self-improvement, self-indulgence all meet. You could vaguely include everything in one of those three things. Trying to find the right mix while not being selfish is the key to finding a good balance.

S: “Tides” who all was invited in writing and producing?

A: Brian Barrett (Drums) & Trace Sisson (Guitar) initially wrote the music before sending it to me (Micaiah Walker // Vocals). I then proceeded to write a majority of the lyrics before bringing it to the band in which we collaborated to finish. When then took it to Bryce Bordone to record and produce the track. Bryce also helped re-write some lyrics.

S: is it a song that becomes empowering for you all when you perform it live?

A: Yes! Absolutely one of, if not my favorite song to perform. Mostly because of how much real life emotion it has, I can express that while performing and that is very empowering.

S: Hope is the central message to come from “Tides” How do you each look at hope in your own lives?

A: Hope = Goals (with a lot of hard work)

S: Application is everything. Where does the song fit in with what else is coming from Polaroid Summer?

A: We started Polaroid Summer 14 months ago so we are gearing up to release our first EP this Summer (2018). “Tides” will be on that EP. It’s also a song we hope continues to catch fire & find the ears of potential new fans. We are still new and building and “Tides” is a big part of our growth and getting to the next level.

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