SINGLE REVIEW: Mean Machine by Fatty Boomba

Not all music has to have a serious political agenda attached to it. There is not always a need to create a song supercharged with emotional heartbreak and struggles to overcome; sometimes, like in the case of Melbourne, Australia’s own Fatty Boomba, it all boils down to just having a good time and embracing the fun in it all.

The brainchild of Peter Josef Hofbauer (PJ), Fatty Boomba has gained a great deal of exposure with their previous dance-anthem single “Girls GirlsGirls”, and this time around it looks like lightening is striking twice with their highly-praised new single titled “Mean Machine”.

Mean Machine is a beast of a track. It starts off running, with a methodical kick of bass in every step, not slowing down once as it reaches its impressive end. This highly-energized track reminds me a lot of what became popular in the UK (which for anyone who knows EDM, Dance, etc, this is the inspired genre pool that I think most DJ’s need to, at the very least, dip a toe in).

What makes Mean Machine shine the most is the production value itself. I mean, it is clean and tuned perfectly. Every moment on this hot single, sings with professionalism and passion, and most indie musicians would do well to take note of how this song has been presented to the public.

From the devious and sex-driven vocals, the thumping beat and airy synths, Mean Machine is a great choice for a lead single, and the proper introduction for a band that we, most definitely, will be hearing about more often.

Moving into 2018, FATTY BOOMBA is looking to release more music and play some live shows, and if this is the sortof inspired and fun music they are capable of making, there is no doubt in my mind that FATTY BOOMBA intends on making it one hell-of-a party!

If coffee isn’t enough to wake you up in the morning, then I suggest you turn this new track by FATTY BOOMBA way up!

FATTY BOOMBA can be found on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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