Until The Ribbon Breaks Releases Highly Anticipated Sophomore Album Today

Listen to Until The Ribbon Breaks performing live on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic with Jason Bentley HERE.

Until The Ribbon Breaks (Pete Lawrie Winfield and Elliot Wall) have released their highly anticipated self-titled sophomore album, via Kobalt Music Recordings, available worldwide on vinyl and across all digital platforms worldwide from today. While this record isn’t the duo’s first album, it is their most vulnerable and honest with each song born out of Pete’s inspiring journey from rock bottom to recovery, as he details his recent transformation in a heartfelt letter to his fans [READ HERE].

Like a Terrence Malick movie or a James Joyce epic stream-of-consciousness, the album spans life’s spectrum. It’s through Pete’s soul-searching he’s provided a communal relatable space, a document of the universal evolution we all go through. As someone who’s spent his days isolating himself as a false coping mechanism, his re-entry into society, Elliot loyally by his side, with such a resonating, inclusive record, renders it all the more vital.

Speaking of “Push Pull” — which premiered today — Pete explains: “A part of my recovery that I have been thus far reticent to talk about (for fear of sounding a little new age) was an incredibly profound experience with the Amazonian hallucinogenic medicine Ayahuasca. I won’t go into the details, but, for me it was a real turning point and a chance to see life from another perspective. A glimpse into something, somewhere else. Push/Pull was written directly afterwards. I wanted to write down immediately some of the words and the messages that seemed to kaleidoscope Through my mind. “There is a better life in the bark of the bodhi tree, I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it.” Watch the video for “Push Pull” HERE.

With the majority of the record produced, written and recorded by Pete, the album also marks the first time Pete hasn’t shied away from his own voice. Inspired by the likes of The Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem, he realized the significance of pushing his vocal forward.

Beginning with “Count The Lightning,” which premiered via Variety Magazine’s Songs For Screens this week [READ HERE], the album kicks off with a bleak plea to go home again, an ache for nostalgia, a time before our obsession with technology. On “Black And White,” Pete recognizes that he’s been procrastinating instead of dealing with those unresolved pasts. What follows is a trio of songs that recall his darkest days. “Use Me Up”, “One Match” and “You Are Not To Blame” are about our tendency to dispose of each other. Then there’s the moving “Meru” (incidentally, the last song written for the record), which includes the subtle lyric about gaining courage from the bottle. They songs are heavy with solitariness; Pete’s former friend.

Petrichor”, “Meru” and “My Love” are the sound of a man seeing the world again with new eyes, succumbing to human nature, regaining the capacity to fall in love again – not with people, but with life. “It was really hard work,” says Pete.

Conscious of sounding like a cliché, Pete’s respectful about unveiling the full heft of inspiration and meaning behind a self-titled album that runs the gamut of the human experience; from losing faith in people, to the depths of loneliness in isolation, and the eventual reaffirmation of belief. Over 40 minutes, the record culminates in a groundswell of love and warmth, as relieving to him as it is to anyone listening. Even after one listen you’ll realize that this is a piece of art made by someone who has clearly been questioning the point of our existence.

The visual element to the record also continues Until The Ribbon Breaks’ trend to always set their music to film. Whereas in the past they would create a soundtrack to projected movies by the likes of David Lynch in the studio, this time Pete and Elliot directed all the visuals after making the record. Watch “Here Comes The Feeling” HERE, “My Love” HERE, “One Match” HERE, “Push Pull” HERE and “Count The Lightning” HERE.

Alongside the digital release, fans also buy original artwork by Pete, handwritten lyrics and signed vinyl viaUntil The Ribbon Breaks’ Pledge page HERE. Speaking of this unique opportunity to provide fans something beyond the music, Pete and Elliot explained: “It has always been in our nature as a band to try and expand the boundaries of our own little world and doing so, hopefully create one of our own. From our inception, our name was intended to invoke the idea of expansion and movement. We are always looking for new ways to create and new platforms to do it on. Whether it be one of a kind paintings, photography, music or clothing Pledge is an ideal way to share with you some of the things that we have dreamt up. Our relationship with our fans has always been incredibly important to us, our social media pages have become platforms for discussion and debate on a wide range of topics and we are proud to have brought so many amazing, like-minded people together. Through Pledge, we hope we can carry on the conversation, we hope to bring people further into our process and into our world, closing the gap – making, talking, sharing. Until The Ribbon Breaks.”

Until The Ribbon Breaks’ self-titled sophomore album is out worldwide now.
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