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Darq E Freaker

We Can’t Get Enough Of The New Darq E Freaker Singles

Having rated the sounds of grime creator Darq E Freaker for some time, we couldn’t wait to hear his latest stuff. He has just put out two new singles, both of which are wicked listens.

This release is set to be the first of a series of A/B-side singles, and both “Butterscotch” and “Red Velvet” sound dynamite as standalone tracks. He says of them: “Red Velvet/ Butterscotch’ are inspired by UK rave, music I grew up with – but seen through the lens of my experiences in the last few years: travelling, going to events and working with people all over the world.” 

“Red Velvet” is the heavier of the two with its uncompromising form, whilst “Butterscotch” strikes a steppy, old school rave vibe with super pitched vocals and ripples of drums.

You can listen to both tracks right here.

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