SINGLE REVIEW: While You Were Sleeping by Randall Richards

When you land your first record deal at the age of twelve and end up being mentored by the likes of Neil Diamond, Charlie Daniels and Elton John; it is clear, that the music you are bringing to the table is something very special, and that is exactly how listeners feel about the music Nashville’s own Randall Richards has been making. Recently releasing his brand new, and highly praised, country-rock ballad “While You Were Sleeping”, Randall is currently enjoying the fruits of his labors; as he should be.

Opening with a soft and clean guitar melody, the shining moment is when Randall enters in with his beautifully smooth vocals; honestly, he has one of the most pleasing voices in country music that I can recall. Randall’s ability to create story driven songs with emotional gravity is his real strength, and he plays to those strengths on every second of this guaranteed-wedding-song of 2018.

Making the most of the major momentum he is creating with his new single, Randall has been busy working on a music video (Directed by the very talented Stacy Hogan), and that video was released last week on YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, I found it funny to see that the next video it recommended was the “Top Ten Songs To Make You Cry”; I guess it’s clear that what Randall has created is something that is going to hit many listeners right-in-the-feels.

Whether you are a fan of Country-Rock, or not, I think many will find that this song is beautifully made and should be played on Top 40 radio playlists all over the world. “While You Were Sleeping” doesn’t try to hide the amount of love it took to make this song, and for that reason, it drips of sincerity and authenticity; and it is both simple and sweet.

Check out the song, watch the video, and then go give that lover of yours a big kiss.

Randall Richards can be found on Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube, and his Website.

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