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-Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hello VENTS! Thanks for having us and we’ve been great! We’re super excited to have released our first single and have opportunities like this to share our thoughts on everything.

-Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Laid and Paid”?

So Laid and Pad was the first of two songs to get the whole “One Up” process going and actually inspired a pop punk project like this to move forward. When I first started writing the song, all I had was that first bass line and Nick came in the room and asked “What is that?!” It was cool to see something so simple spark attention. After that, I just wanted it to be fun and non-serious song that still tells a story and is easily relatable and easy to sing to. I actually hated the first chorus I wrote for it but I put it down for a couple weeks, and then BAM… The lyrics “Until I said wait, you know we’ve done this all before” just came out of my mouth and the song has been a favorite to us since.

-Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Not necessarily. If I had a dollar for every time I got drunk and tried to hang out with ex-girlfriend though, I’d be pretty loaded. That’s what I love about “Laid and Paid”. I feel like so many people have been in a position where they want nothing to do with someone because they know that person is no good for them but after getting a little booze in the mix, the situation changes… and you wake up hating yourself the next day haha.

-What was it like filming the video for the single?

Honestly amazing. Brandan Keller filmed it and after we met up with him once, we knew he shared our vision and even sense of humor that we wanted to implement into the video. None of the scenes we did were “1-shot” takes either. So for instance the scene where I pour soap down my bare chest had to be filmed like 6-8 times and we’re talking its mid/end November… so it was FREEZING! Another fun one was Nick exploding the champagne bottle. We had two bottles of champagne and after 6-7 failed attempts, we almost had no champagne left. LUCKILY haha, we go for one more take and its the one you see in the video today which is super funny because the timing was absolutely perfect and the cork even hits the truck as it pulls into the scene. So to answer your question, there were times it got challenging and tedious, but overall we all had an absolute blast filming the music video.

-How was the recording and writing process?

Everything just came together. It’s funny because I’ve been involved in projects writing songs that took so long to finish! Laid and Paid is such a easy song to sing along to and I think that’s because how easy it came together. Lyrics have always been a struggle for me until One Up. After I wrote the chorus (which was two weeks after the bassline), Nick and I had the verses done a week or two after and then it was like finished! We actually did drums last and Tj added a whole new vibe to the song because his playing style and drum fills are insane! Hearing the song for the first time finished with Tj’s drum parts down gave me a whole new level of excitement for the song and future ones to come!

-How have bands like blink182 influenced your music?

Nick, Tj and I absolutely love Blink 182. But what I love most about them is that their personalities show in their music and their videos. Also, so many bands in this generation come out and are so SERIOUS with their image/writing and the whole shot. That’s simply not us. If Blink has inspired us at all, it is to just be ourselves playing the music we love the most and have the most fun with! Yeah we happen to be in same genre, but I hope that is why anyone would perform/create music. That’s the most important part!

-What role does being from Detroit play in your writing?

Detroit is our home! Tj, Nick and I used to be in a band called Cold for June years back and we would be together almost every day at the house I was renting out in the Detroit/Harper Woods area. I firmly believe if those days had not of happened, us three would not be together making the music the way we are with One Up now.

-How’s your new album coming along?

The album is coming along perfect! Every time we add a new song to it we get so excited and want to dive right into the studio to finish it up! Right now we are sitting on roughly 10-11 songs additional to “Laid and Paid” and we literally cannot wait to show everyone. Every single song is so catchy and unique in it’s own way.

-Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Right now we are in the process of finishing and shooting the music video for our second single. It is still in the debate process whether we will try to put a third single out or just go for the full album after that but regardless I would say expect one or two singles this year and for sure the full length album by end of year 2018.

-Any plans to hit the road?

No plans as of yet but it is on our high priority list! Us three have only had few tour experiences and the little that we had definitely has us striving for more. We’ll keep everyone posted as soon as we know!

-What else is happening next in One Up’s world?

We have a full merch line soon to be released! We plan to make them available through an online store and of course at our merch table when anyone comes to see us play live. We were actually pretty picky on how we want our merchandise to look so I have to give Peter Schreve a shout out for absolutely killing the designs for all of our merch/logos. So to sum it all up… New music, new videos, new album, new merch, new everything on its way and we cannot wait to share with everyone!

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