Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey! Thanks for having us! We’re good, cheers. We’ve been pretty busy lately promoting the new single but its all been good fun so we’re a happy bunch right now.

Can you talk to us more about your song “Howl”?

So this is the 2nd single from our debut E.P. We released out 1st single ‘Body Talk’ earlier this year and we are really excited that ‘Howl’ got to step up for round two. Its a lot more haunting and dreamy so we were keen to get this one out. ‘Howl’ has a lot more sorrow attached to it. It’s much more personal so it feels darker and more mysterious.

Did any event inspire you to write this song?

It’s based around women in literature who experience loss so powerful that they howl in pain. The idea that the relationships they have cause them so much suffering was an interesting concept to explore. Even more than that, the role that their motherly figures would play in their grief. A comfort to them in their darkest hours. I think we can all relate to that in a sense. Feeling hurt and turning to others for support.

Any plans to release a video for the track?

Definitely. Its on the way. We like to see our tracks come to life. The videos really help carry the tracks home for us. We can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve made for ‘Howl’.

How was the recording and writing process?

Writing is exciting and intense. Its exhausting but worth it when everything finally comes together. Its important to us to get everything just right and its great to have everyone together in one space, locked into the process, focussing on the end project. Its one of our favourite parts of writing new music – hearing it all come together.

What role does Midlands play in your writing?

Its the home of where our music was born so it will always be important to us. Its where we all met and where SHE really took flight. I think its really important to gig your hometown and to get out and support your local music scene too. Your roots will always play a special part in your music. Good and bad… the waves you start at home can carry you to some really interesting places, if you work hard enough.

How has Foals and HAIM influenced your music?

We’re inspired by lots of different artists, from different genres and places in time. We all have such individual tastes in music but as a collective, we love our harmonies and we love our haunting guitars too. Thats something I think we share with the likes of Foals and HAIM. We love what they do and we find their music really interesting.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new album – how’s that coming along?

Hell yeah! We’ve had such a blast with the music we’ve put out so far, we’d be fools not to see this through to an album. We’re having so much fun writing, recording, playing live and everything in between… the end result has to be an album. Watch this space!

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

We wont keep you waiting too long, don’t worry 😉 …but the title – thats something we’ll be keeping close to our chest for now.

Any plans to hit the road?

YES! We love playing live. That’s what really gets us going. We’ve already got a great couple of gigs under our belt so far this year and theres definitely more to come. Taking the music to stage is the best bit. So you can expect to see us on the road a lot more in 2018.

What else is happening next in SHE´s world?

More music. More gigs. More surprises! The video for ‘Howl’ will be landing very soon so keep an eye on our social media for updates. There are loads more announcements coming your way. You don’t wanna miss out.

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