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5 things you simply must do when you turn 21

If you are about to turn twenty-one, congratulations, you’ve been in the adult world for three years, and you’re about to take a step up to the next rung on the ladder of maturity. It’s an exciting milestone. You may even be making your first strides out into the world from full-time education. That means, you’re probably about to embark on an exciting career and the future is bright. So, what does turning twenty-onereally mean? Why the big deal? And what should you be doing to mark the occasion and propel yourself forwards in life with confidence?

First up – what’s so special about being twenty-one?

In the United States of America, and many other countries around the world, twenty-one is the legal minimum age for buying alcohol. In the UK, 21-year-olds have been getting used to hangovers for threeyears by the time they reach this significant milestone.

The celebration of the 21st birthday in the UK is said to come from the rituals of knighthood.  In Medieval times, men would be promoted to a knight once they reached the age of twenty-one, and so 21st birthdays became a day of celebration.The 21st birthday was also the age men were blessed to wed in Elizabethan times, so it has been a significant milestone throughout history.

These days, you are considered to be an adult at the age of eighteen, but a few decades ago, the ‘age of majority’ as it was called, was twenty-one. The phrase ‘he’s got the key of the door, never been twenty-one before’ comes from song lyrics, published in 1912. In those days, at twenty-one you became an adult and at home were considered old enough to come and go as you pleased, rather than according to your parents’ wishes.

So, you see, turning twenty-one is rooted in history as a pivotal birthday. Here are five ways you can make your 21stthemomentous birthday it should be and more.

5 marvellous things you should do when you reach 21

In no particular order, except for our first bit of advice (throw the biggest party ever), here are 5 marvellous things you should most definitely do when you reach the age of twenty-one.

  1. Throw the biggest party ever

A 21st birthday party should be an indulgent, all-singing, all-dancing riotous affair. Spare no expense to celebrate in style. You absolutely must make this a spectacular do.

To organise a party like no other, you’ll need to think outside of the box. We love thesegorgeous marquees supplied by Arabian Tents. They are quite simply perfect for creating a fabulous party atmosphere. Whatever venue or theme you decide on, make it a ridiculously ostentatious party full of colour and fun. It’s your chance to show off to every one what an absolute darling you have become.

  1. Spend some time travelling (solo)

There’s no better way to grow your self-confidence than travelling solo. A spot of travelling broadens the mind. The sooner you pack up and fly to some faraway exotic and unusual places, the quicker you’ll benefit from opening up your mindset.Here are 71 good reasons to pack up and hit the road solo.

  1. Ace an interview for a mega job

If travelling feels a bit too much of a challenge, or you can’t bear the thought of sacrificing your home comforts, then perhaps it’s time to reach for the skies in your first mega career move. Don’t be put off if you don’t quite have the right experience. You can still ace an interview without any work experience at all. Show initiative, a willingness to work and give great examples of how you have previously overcome obstacles and challenges. Some employers will put creativity and initiative ahead of experience.

If going for an interview for a job that feels out of your reach is a step too far, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start focusing on your career. It’s time to take your job seriously. You can build a career in most corporate companies. All it takes is motivation and effort.

  1. Learn to cook (it will stand you in good stead)

It’s no good going through life relying on your mum’scooking, along with takeaways. As you make strides into adulthood, learning to cook is a must. It’s an imperative part of looking after yourself. Learning how to cook and eat well will not only have obvious health benefits, it will give you the poise and confidence you’ll need to throw awesome talked-about dinner parties. Think of the kudos you’ll get from your friends!

  1. Do something that falls outside of your comfort zone

Taking risks is one of the main ways we develop as human beings. Stepping outside of your comfort zone enables you to grow. This all comes down to facing your fears, which incidentally is much easier to do when you are young. There’s no time like the present to break the mould. Here are ten great ways you can start to take risks.

Huge congratulations. We hope you have the best twenty-first birthday ever.

by Dakota Murphey

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