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Sule drops new single

Having completed many tours of duty as a musical mercenary for acts such as Lionel Richie, Sky and Corneille, opened for legends like Celine Dion, Kool and the Gang, Sean Paul and Akon, and reached the quarter finals on “La Voix” (Quebec Canada’s instalment of “The Voice”) Sule is now ready to lock and load under his own banner with his new single “Love Me (Country Swing).” He’s from the classic Rock and folk rock of the 70s and 80s, acts like Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, The Police and Jimi Hendrix had a preliminary influence. A healthy diet of everything from Marvin Gaye and Prince to Miles Davis and others as well.

For Sule, breaking musical boundaries is second nature, and that is the first thing “Love Me (Country Swing)” proves, especially if you’ve heard his previous works. This is like a new start for him, and it checks out in every way. There’s a lot of country artists crossing over these days, but this is more of a crossover into country. I’m not familiar with a lot of country swing as a genre/category, but it intrigues for sure after hearing “Love Me (Country Swing)” I wanted to search him up for more music after hearing it, and that’s a good sign of its immediate impact on the sense. “Trust isn’t easy to come by, and it can cost so much” is one lyrical example.

His name is pronounced Soo-Lay, for anyone who’s looking for him they can find some videos on the internet including Jimi Hendrix and others, as well as a lyric video for this single. It always helps to see what you’re hearing, and the video clip is both a lyric and performance video. It goes a long way in describing what a world class artist Sule is, and hopefully there is much more to come from this stage forth, because he’s got plenty left to say in his musical journey. And he really rocks a cover the right way, and I have no qualms with artists covering their heroes, especially when they do it justice.

It’s also fair to mention you’ll also find modern covers on him with stuff like “Lightning Crashes” by the band Live, for La Voix’s webcast (Canada’s The Voice). It also goes to show how incredibly diverse Sule really is. There’s a lot more than meets they eyes and ears at the first glance and listen. If you look that far into Sule, you’ll find it even easier to warm up to the “Love Me (Country Swing)” single. He is undeniably great at what he does, with a lot of singer/songwriter approaches to him. The acoustic guitar is his main weapon here, as well as how his voice showcases his commanding yet humble presence.

The video is also worth mentioning that it was produced by Rubicon Pictures Media and directed by Alberto D’Onofrio, and they put stunning visuals to it. So, if you look more into what Sule’s been up to, you’ll appreciate this new single all-the more, and it’s worth the time and effort I made, so it comes recommended on every level. But if you only have the single to go from, it stands on its own two feet for those needing audio only to be impressed. It’s best of both worlds with video though, and that’s why it’s all part of the show and has been for longer than most consumers notice. Find Sule any which way you prefer.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-me-country-swing-single/1341785696

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