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How to Throw a Glamorous Oscar Viewing Party

We are now currently in the thick of Hollywood awards season, culminating in Tinseltown’s most glamorous party: the Academy Awards.

2018 is an extra special year because it is the 90th year of The Oscars, and there are truly exciting and ground-breaking nominations this year.  This is the best time to invite your film buff or celebrity-crazy friends over and throw a memorable and glamorous Oscar viewing party!

Gather friends for your Oscar bash on March 4th, which goes live on ABC 5:00 PM P/8:00 PM E and have a front-row seat to Hollywood’s biggest night in the comfort of your glammed-up home.

Planning this themed party in your own home is not as hard as it seems.  To help you kick it up a notch, we have made a list of great must-haves for party games, invitations, food, décor, and much more.

Here are some of the best ways to throw an unforgettable and fun Oscar viewing bash:

  1. Make the invitations fun!

Drum up excitement leading up to the big day by sending fun invitations that have slogans such as, “Missed the Premiere Night invite to the latest Tom Cruise movie? Well, this is the invitation you’ve been waiting for!” Or it could be something like, “Didn’t make the cut to Kate Winslet’s birthday bash? You wouldn’t want to miss this one!”

  1. Play the Official Oscars Challenge

Before the day of the actual event, send your friends a link to the Official Oscars Challenge, where you will all predict the winners in the 24 categories. This is a fun way to compete with your friends as you watch the awards ceremony and wait for the winners to be announced. This is an official game brought to us by the Oscar organizers, and if you enter the sweepstakes, each correct prediction will give you a chance to win more prizes.  So, predicting the correct winner will not only give you bragging rights, but you might actually win a real prize!

  1. Create an Oscar-worthy setting

Decorate your living room with gold stars, set out fresh flowers, and make your own walk of fame with a red carpet or a scattering of large glitter-paper stars on the floor. You can also create a curtain draping with movie posters or set-up fake movie lights in your living room.

  1. Glam up your night by setting up a mini red carpet and dressing up to the nines!

Make the viewing party extra special by dressing up for the red-carpet like your favorite celebrities. Better yet, why not dress up like your all-time favorite movie characters or celebrity couples?

Set up a mini red carpet in your driveway or living room and make your guests sashay in front of the camera.  You can even set up a small photo booth to record the event! Adding to the fun, you can also interview your guests like Hollywood reporters.

If your friends are really into fashion and the latest styles on the runway, you can also rate what celebrities are wearing like in Fashion Police.

  1. Play Oscar Bingo

Oscar Bingo is a great game to merge two things that people love: playing bingo and watching movies.  If you and your friends fall under this category, then this is the perfect game for you! The best thing about this game is that there are many categories to choose from.  For instance, you can play an Oscar Nominees Bingo game or Oscar Fashion Bingo.

  1. Don’t forget the bubbly!

For this special night, no other beverage would make the cut except for champagne, of course.  Since champagne can be quite expensive, you can serve alternative drinks that look like champagne.  Serving them on nice champagne glasses will make a huge difference.

Your Oscar party refreshment should not be limited to just champagne, of course. There are also great red-carpet-themed cocktail recipes online.

7. Play charades

This is an enjoyable game before the actual viewing event.  You and your friends can act out     nominated actors and actresses or even past winners. This will definitely bring a lot of laughter to your party.

8. Feast on finger foods

Feed your guests with style. Serve some canapes and other glammed-up finger foods. There are some great Oscar-themed recipe ideas online. For instance, you can serve roast beef sliders, shrimp canapes and cupcakes.  To add something special to your food, you can decorate them with cute little tuxedos or stars.  You can get do-it-yourself instructions for napkin and tissue paper tuxedos on the internet.

Since you will be celebrating the best movies the past year, you shouldn’t forget to serve popcorn!  Make the popcorn extra special by adding great-tasting ingredients like parmesan cheese, rosemary, almonds, and caramel.

9. Make mini-awards for your guests

To make your guests feel extra special, have your own mini-awards ceremony and give them all awards.  You can make up your own categories such as “Best Eater” or “Who saw the most movies” or “Early Bird”.  You can always get plastic Oscar trophies in your local party store. A swag bag could go along with your awards, and they don’t have to be fancy.  You can give them chocolates wrapped in gold foil or star cookies, which could also double asparty giveaways.

10. Have fun viewing the actual awards ceremony!

You are inviting your friends over to watch the actual awards ceremony, so enjoy and have a great Oscar-themed viewing party!

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